Waiting for support is not normal

Yesterday I tried to make Walt Gate 1 difficult I am looking for support for half an hour. In the end we only did DPS and still not everyone survived I do not know what happens in this game.


No you are wrong, waiting for support is normal in every MMORPG/Game.
If you wait a couple of weeks/months there will be many more supports, because people realized there is a shortage.

Dont give up xD


I prefer to go play another game at this time

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Don’t wait for support because you can raid without a support.

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Shit literally happens in every single mmo/rpg, FPS with class healers and dude says is NOT normal lol.

This might be controversial for you but maybe, just maybe, play a support? Heh.

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can i please get an invite to walt disney gate?


I think you HEAVILY overestimate the NA mindset, and people’s mindset in general. It’s the same as that bystander theory. Someone else will make more supports so I don’t need to do it. Which ends up with their being no supports at current content still. Literally 80% or more valtan groups are just waiting for supports and have 6 dps. The problem will only get worse as the game goes on because supports become better and better, and not having one will be more and more difficult and troll.

In every MMORPG there is shortage of Support/Tank. If people want stable group with support they need to find Community/Guild but somehow in LA people dont want understand it. Want to do everything via party finder and matchmaking. Its an option but you have to take consequences of this choice.

Actually its pretty normal. There is shortage of support/tank in every MMO.
Solution: Start playing with support if you cant do dungeons without it.

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It’s hard man finishing all the potions you take full damage without noticing the first boss

atleast we only need to wait for support in this game. on some other mmorpg we need to wait for tanks too.

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Roll a support or stop complaining…

keep waiting alot of supports dropped the game on roadmap

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This game makes it too much work to feel like getting higher as support.

Playing support is boring in this game.

My static Lost a support 3 weeks ago.

I rerolled bard the minute it happend, everyone chipped in to get it to 1445 asap,

We cleared valtan hardmode with 1 wipe yesterday.

There are solutions to problems
And im super happy with my bard BTW it’s do much more relaxing to play compared to my deathblades positioning

Life is good


Nice to see some wholesome group effort. :muscle:

Paladin is even more relaxing tbh, less positioning and more uptime on buffs than bard.

well just to costly to upgrade them ;/

No but I get your point. Good thing there alts in this game amirite?