Waiting for support is not normal

Nice copium. Supports are dirt cheap to make useful because all you need is a 3x3 and half-decent stats. No card deck, no tripods, no gems, no set? Nobody will ever bother to check for that because everybody just wants to get going.

And what’s best? Paladin is probably the easiest class to play in the entire game.

You realize this will change when content becomes challenging? Wdym no gems no tripods? Are you trolling? If your support is undergeared then its better to grab an additional dps. If you invite a support just for the mitigation you are just trash.

still have to upgrade them that far and thats just annoying right now …

And when will that be? Hard mode Vykas? Hell Valtan? Certainly not right now.

And yet scuffed supports get instantly accepted. That’s the reality.

Want ez Valtan gold? Push a support to 1415 if you got one lying around at 1370. It will pay for itself sooner rather than later, especially if you sell support accessories.

Why not play a support yourself?

I never understand people that complain about a shortage but dont take an action to reduce it.

Additional stats do matter so your misconception is wrong. Most progression raids want supports because added survivability but if your group is skilled enough it is not needed. I’m unsure if this will change with viakass or clown.

You cant just sell accessories the relic drops are not class guaranteed.

I cant imagine scuffed supports with lackluster gems and wrongly distributed combat stats will be insta invited after valtan. Why would a 5x3 dps player who invests loads of gold and effort invite any supp available?

it IS normal.

supports are simply the least played class because like you…

everyone wants to BIG DIK DPS. so…it’s yall own fault for having alpha male blood.

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You always wait for the 1 role. It can be the tank, but since LA doesn’t really have your general tanks the role that you’re waiting for is supports

Yet supports are the only ones that can get their class engravings. Meaning loadsa money if you hit a decent accessory with it. Sure, it’s RNG, but it’s the best kind of RNG.

I’m not talking completely scuffed. Just the literal bare minimum to be useful. 3x3 swift/spec with some cooldown gems is going to get you into basically any run. Same can’t be said about a DPS.

Why would a 5x3 whale or no-lifer be doing normal Valtan?

Ah I misunderstood that you were referring to valtan normal. Well in that case it doesnt matter since you dont even need supp lol. Obviously undergeared supps will still be invited because the content isnt challenging/doesnt require minmax.

Im not sure what you mean by supports the only ones that can get their class engraving? Every single relic drop is purely rng meaning nothing is guaranteed regardless of class/role.

I’ve yet to see a Blessed Aura accessory drop on my deathblade. The one thing that is guaranteed is that you will not get a class engraving not for your class. Meaning that a cheapo 3x3 1415 support is probably the most cost-efficient character for making money in the game right now.

Not only can you get in for cheap, but you can also roll the biggest jackpots.

Cause in a MMO nobody wants to be a support?
Cmon it’s just a boring thing.

I main Paladin and have never seen a blessed aura relic drop. I have seen other class engravings drop. Its pure rng.

You can beat valtan easoly without a support

That’s not how accessories work (or are supposed to work, at least). Class engravings on accessories are always restricted to the class you play. Everything else is random, including whether you will get a class engraving in the first place.

The only time I have ever seen a class engraving drop that is not for my class is in the form of engraving books.

It’s expensive and takes time to get a character to 1445 now I have DPS what you want

We want you to sit in queue and be silent.

This supports should have support from the start if they like the role and not waiting for the newest class in the game. Me as a main support in every MMO i’ve played i started with Pala.

Best part is, if you are playing support, and wait for the situation to get worse in time (it usually does), in the end you get to make your own groups and pick DPS you see fit. Tables turn and DPS-ers whine even more.

We need WoW’s “bag of goodies” approach here for supports. I didn’t believe it would work but it was surprisingly effective and simple. If you finish X raid as a support, you get an additional bag, besides the standard loot, containing more gold, chance of mounts/pets, whatever. Suddenly, everyone wants to play support. It doesn’t even have to be much, even 500/1k more gold would persuade some people to try it.

It’s not an ingame feature yet but you do get extra gold for playing as a support. (2k)