Wallpapers bgm are broken

I only hear the background sounds when I come from server selection screen.

If I change character’s page, sometimes the music starts then it cuts exactly at the same moment (~7sec)

Files already verified twice in Steam since update.

update: it only has that behaviour when launching the game.
If I enter the game and get back to character selection screen, the music works.

If I quit then launch the game again, no music.

I have asked around and it seems I’m alone with that bug but I still have it.

When I come from the server selection screen there’s no music on character selection screen.

You’re not alone. I’ve noticed this, too. And here are two more recent threads on this from the English and German forums:


Hello @SpectrumWarrior and @ghostwriter3000!

Thank you for reporting this. If you can, please record a short video of this and attach it here.

I will forward it to our team and let them take a closer look at it.

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for the video @SpectrumWarrior.

I’ve passed this to our team and they’re currently looking into it.