Wandering memories - never received rewards

So the issue is I can not complete wandering memories.
I did all the steps but never received the rewards nor does it say the quest is completed.
I looked at a youtube clip and it is supposed to say “Ongoing quest” and then you just press complete.
But as you can see in the pictures.
That is not the case.

Having the same issue. “Found Memories” is marked as “complete” but I can’t start or complete “Wandering Memories” for whatever reason. Is that a big or is there some hidden trigger? I’ve watched a video in that quest and I am not able to finish it the way he does …

For me I collected the bloody spirit memory sword before starting the quest for found memories and now the quest won’t trigger to complete the tome. It seems to be bugged.

If anyone is brave enough below might be a solution.

While I don’t recommend it you can destroy the blood spirits memories in your inventory and maybe get another to drop? If I were a betting man I would say it is one per account though and you won’t be able to get the quest to complete on that character you would have to start another.

Ok so you need to use the sword that drops to activate the wandering quest.

Good Morning,

I have the same problem with this quest. I never received the Sword that will allow me to start this quest. is there any way to resolve this?

I have the same issue as the poster above. Never received the sword from the spirit that allows me to begin the Wandering Memories quest.

Same bug here, quest line wont continue.

same for me, perhaps i deleted this item on a character that did this questline at first? there should be a way to reobtain this. these virtues from the following dailys are too important.

Nope, quest related items don’t show up in the main inventory so even when its full you can still loot them. However crafting mats needed for a quest do go in the main inventory.

I figured it out. Had the same issue. People who have this bug check above the quests on the right sidre of the screen, flashing text (don’t remember what it reads). Click there and you can complete the quest. P.S. Sword disappears when you start the quest.

For those who still wondering about where to get the sword, it is a drop from a Named Monster.

watch this youtube clip for more info: Wandering Memories - Bloody Spirits Memory Location - Lost Ark - YouTube


thx , this is what i was looking for. i didn´t know that this was just a drop. i went there again and received the item and was able to finish the questline and the frozen memories daily unlocked. you saved my day.

Great to know it helps. I was also stuck on that until I came upon that youtube clip.