Wandering Merchant: Craft Beer

Evidently I should’ve been more careful. I didn’t notice that I’ve already bought Craft Beer from the Wandering Merchant and proceeded to buy another for 1.4 Mil Silver. Needless to say I was quite upset. Was just too use to buying the cards and rapport item from wandering merchant and clicked too fast before checking. If there any way I can get the 1.4 Mil Silver back and have the extra Craft Beer Removed?

NA East: Ladon
IGN: Iparadoxtremezl

Hello @ParadoXtremez Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Arkesia!

I’m sorry to hear you bought twice the Craft Beer, in this case we are not able to revert this kind of transactions.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you and thank you for your comprehension.

Regards from Amazon Games :sparkles:

I reread my post and my mistake, the item was called “Back Alley Rum” that costed 1.4 Mil Silver. That’s really unfortunate that the silver can’t be recovered. Thanks for the quick reply.

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