Wanna restore a char

Hello there,

I wanted to restore a deleted char if possible

Char : Berserker ( Don’t remember the name )
Server : Ezrebet
Region : EU Central
active char : Cruelwarrior

Please double check its a berserker. iLv 1370


Hello @CrueIty, :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your concern.

Please disconnect from the game so that I can restore your character. :slight_smile:

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done thanks <3

Here are the deleted characters, can you confirm which one to restore:
Hybridwizard - ElementalMaster
Cruelkick - Battlemaster_Male
Cruelllty - Blade

Awaiting your response! :magic_wand:

I dont remember the name

But its a berserker class.

I’ve restored “Cruelllty” for you, please do the files integrity check for Lost Ark through Steam and then relaunch the game to check for it.

Hope this helps! :magic_wand:

thanks alot but u sure its a berserker?

Cuz last night a supporter restored wrong char and I have to wait 24 hours to delete it

The three characters which I shared are the ones which were the highest PC level ones and one was Arcanist and second was Sorceress, so the last remaining one I restored which was Cruelllty.

That’s why I recommend you checking for it after launching the game, @CrueIty. :slight_smile:

Comon, this is not a berserker this is the char I JUST DELETED…


Please remove it…,. this is not okay,guys…

Now I have to wait another 24 hours?

Do i Have to pay 10$ to get an extra slot just to get the wrong char?

I was clear enough “Please DOUBLE CHECK ITS A BERSERKER”
The one u have restored isnt a berserker…

I’m sorry for the trouble here @CrueIty but the latest deleted ones are :

Hybridwizard (deleted on 2nd October 2022)
Cruelkick (deleted on 4th October 2022)

I’m afraid we cannot reset the 24 hours timeline from our end.

Once again apologies from our end.

u can add Cruelllty - Deathblade 1370 I just deleted before I do the request, The one u have restored.

I want u do delete it right now.

I dont have to wait for another 24 hours to get my berserker back.

And I want a list of all my char I have deleted cuz seems u guys missing a lot since the merge update.
There’s a lot more char I’ve deleted at 1370 already.

Striker 1370
Sorc 1370
Soulfist 1370
Gunlancer 1370 ( a supporter just restore it by mistake yesterday)
deathblade 1370
artill (tier 1)
Sharpshooter (tier 1)

I’m afraid @CrueIty but it is not possible to delete any character from our end due to policies.

Here is the current deleted characters list on your account:

Qwertyuiopiiii - Kimaster
Cruelcards - Arcana
Hybridwizard - ElementalMaster
Cruelkick - Battlemaster_Male

These are the active deleted characters on your account. Hope this helps! :magic_wand:

and what about the rest?
where did they go ?
cant restore them anymore?

EVEN THO why would u restore a deathblade?
I NEED HELP HERE. this is not okay at all.

Okay I found the Berserker with name “Crueltty” in different section but since there is no slot, we will be able to restore once the slot gets free after 24 hours.

After 24 hours once the slot is free, I will restore it from my end automatically and will update you on it here.

Apologies for the confusion and delay in restoration. :magic_wand:

And I have to wait again 24 hours?
for a mistake I didnt make?
And i was very clear about it?
This is the 2nd time guys, I dont blame anyone or trying to be rude. im sorry for my emotions and the way I talk, but srsly I only have one free day a week to play the game and I really wanted to do everything on my berserker this day.
and now u asking me to wait 24 hours for a mistake I didnt make ?
srsly do u want me to spend another 10$ to speed the time? I’m sure u can find a way… please try ur best in this case.

We’re sorry about this delay but there is no manual way we can speed up this process @CrueIty.

If there was an alternate then I would have surely suggested the same and be done with it but unfortunately, we don’t have one.

Once the slot is free, we will restore the Berserker immediately as promised and post the update here.

can u confirm its name? so next time I’d be sure to include this info with my request?
and make sure it was a berserker.

This is the Berserker “Crueltty” which was deleted on 15th September 2022.