Want a guardian carry, at least bring flares with you

I like helping players with guardians (usually it’s Nacrasena), because i know how annoying it can be for fresh 1302 characters.
And as much as i can understand new players to not have flares, i won’t believe all those 130+ roster lvl accounts are short on them.
What makes it even funnier, is this pretending to be afk after entering guardian map, so someone else will flare.

I know i can go without flares, but killing Nacrasena is like <1min, and running around the map to find it takes longer.
If i create a lobby offering carry i take flaring on my shoulders. But if i am joining to someone’s lobby i would love to see you guys NOT “being afk until someone flares”.

Don’t be cheap, if you want a carry at least do this one little thing to make it easier for both you and your carry.