Want ideas to appeal to the west? Remove Chaos Shards

Koreans seem to love their consumables but needing a chaos shard to use your awakening is dumb, especially if you are a class that always spams it like supports. It’s nothing but a silver sink and does nothing to provide a better gaming experience.


This is… the LEAST of the problems right now lmao. Let’s start by removing peons.


Ive noticed that i am literally the only one in ANY form of dungeon that ever uses my awakening. I dunno if people forgot they have the skill or are just too cheap to buy the shards lol. Its pretty stupid cuz thats a huge chunk of dmg you could be dealing right there that people arnt doing. The cost isnt even that bad, but I agree that making it a consumable sucks. Other mmos have done this though(including WOW), so its a pretty standard thing for mmos.

Those aren’t a problem though. Quit being an assmon groupie.

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Noo you cant say that, Baldiesheeplets will run over you xD

I agree that at a certain level the Silver become more important for upgrading than using it to buy the Chaos shards so we tend to avoid using our awakening in easy content such as the chaos gate but more on abyss one as exemple.

But if you don’t want to buy them with Silver there is still people selling them for Gold on auction house, gladly it cost only 1 gold per shard so you can spend 100 Gold here and be fine with 100 Chaos shards for a moment.

Rofl, this is the least of the worries.

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Right now it’s not big deal. This doesnt change fact it is lazy mechanic… if we can even describe it as mechanic? Just another silver sink. It could be done a lot better if they went for some kind of awakening accesory item, that can be upgraded etc.

Bruh you can buy 10k shards for 1k gold on the AH and not need to care about shards for the next 6 months.

I mean, I’d like that and all, but I don’t see that happening.

I know the way I’d do it is to allow awakening attacks without them, but let the shards boost their effectiveness. So supports who don’t really care about the damage of the awaken, just the meter benefits? They don’t have to care about shards unless they really want to ‘green DPS’ as the saying goes.

But even that is no ideal solution.

I suspect because it’s been part of the game design for so long it’s not gonna change, at least not any time soon. It is a curious form of silver sink at the end of the day.

They are cheap. Yes it is dumb to have to use them and they take precious space in your bag for no good reason but at least they are cheap. See how much a regular HP pot costs (the ones you can use outside of dungeons) and compare. If anything they should cap the cost of HP pots to 250s because it gets ridiculous at higher ilvl-s.
I was used to buying 200 pots at the start of each tier to get me through and it was not a problem, until I noticed the cost of T3 ones an nope-ed instantly. I can probably buy thousands of chaos shards for the cost of 200 HP pots. And unlike chaos shards, which you use 1, maybe 2 per dungeon, HP pots go quick when you do chaos gates and the insane AoE spam there. I am actually thinking it might be cheaper to just die and then repair your gear than drink a potion.

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its like 30k silver for what 250 shards? just buy like 1000 of em like i do and by the time you have run out you will have made that silver back. before you say “you must not spam your awakening” my main is a bard i spam it alot.

i have a bigger issue with battle items etc, those are a hell of a lot more troublesome to keep in stock than shards. one chaos dung with Aura will grant you enough shards to last a week, and if you are using more than 250 a week ( without multiple wipes trying to clear something) you are doing something wrong

It’s not a lazy mechanic. You’re just lazily complaining.

It’s lazy mechanic by its design, just pointed fact.

What are you basing it off of that makes it lazy? I’m generally curious.

There is nothing revolutionary, complex and oryginal behind it. It just lazy… “okay, lets just add another silver sink” thing instead of actually making it more interesting feature. It wouldnt be that “lazy” if these shards were actually something we have work for, instead they just put them behind simple merchant npc. Im not hating it tho, just pointing fact of its lazy design.

Wouldnt you rather have additional accesory slot for awakening action item, that you could also upgrade and modify ur skill? Which lets say requires energy to work that you needs craft etc.

^ just an example how it could look, not saying it would be best idea tho.

Yeah, so chaos shards are? lol

idm the peon system at all since i’ve been living with it since RU days, which was far worse there than it is here. but like… instead of complaining about that you’re complaining that u need to pay 250 silver per awakening? lmao.

They can fix multiple things at a time And this is an easy QoL change.

Just make all mats account bound and not single bound. Problem solved.

Chaos shards are one of the many “lol because we can” currencies that do really need to go the fuck away.