Want to Cut Down on Bots? Here's how to start

We all know Bots are terrible and bad for the game which is why I’m going provide realistic and feasible solutions to reduce the number of bots without punishing the player base. If you’re here looking for someone ranting about how terrible AGS is at dealing with bots, move onto another post.

  1. Make unbound honing materials from chaos dungeons roster bound and provide unbound honing materials through weekly abyss dungeons - As we all know, bots farm chaos dungeons all day long across multiple accounts/characters and sell the unbound mats to make the majority of their gold. Cutting this source of materials would have a huge impact on their ability to easily make profit. Yes, normal players also sell these mats to make gold which is where my next statement comes into play. Provide players with unbound honing materials through their weekly abyssal dungeons. The way this could work is you take the average amount of honing materials a player receives through 2 daily chaos dungeons for a particular item level and multiply that amount by the amount of days an average player plays per week (Let’s use 5 days for this example). Take that total and then spread that amount cross the abyssal dungeons that a player is eligible to receive gold for. If that player is 1415 or higher, split it between the legion raids.

In case that is confusing, here’s an example:

I am Item level 1370 and on average I make 800 unbound guardian stone crystals per day from 2 chaos dungeons. I would multiply that by 5 days (using this number as an example average of days people play per week) which comes out to 4k and then split that total between the 2 hard mode abyssal dungeons I can access which is 2k unbound guardian stones per abyssal dungeon per week. Now lets say I increase my item level to 1385 before doing my weeklies, well then the amount of stones I would receive would dynamically increase to meet the averages for what I would get doing 1385 chaos dungeons for a week.

The reason for this formula is so that we can have dynamic amounts of honing materials being provided to players since obviously as you increase in item level, the materials required for honing increases and having a static amount would feel bad.

With this system, players would still receive their usual amount of guardian stones/destruction stones per chaos dungeon run (in roster bound form), but they would also get an additional source of honing materials per character that they would then be able to sell or use to upgrade. Since bots cant really queue for abyssal dungeons, they would have no access to easily sellable materials. On the other hand, the average player that just does their routine weekly content would benefit from this and I’m sure the community wouldn’t mind having an extra source of honing materials per week.

  1. Rework easily accessible one time sources of gold - There have already been attempts at solving this issue by doing things like removing easy gold rapport rewards and gold quest rewards etc. However I think removing these entirely is somewhat unfair to the players and instead I think that this gold should come from things that a bot cant easily achieve such as account progression and achievements. For example, move the gold from the guardian raid questline that is easily accessible to bots to the actual achievements for completing those guardian raids multiple times. So let’s say I do any guardian raid 50 times and fully complete that guardian’s achievement, instead of getting just a useless guardian card, I also get however much gold you would get for completing the entire guardian raid questline. Same thing can be done with gold earned from rapport too, just have it so you get that gold from doing an achievement related to rapport that is difficult for bots to farm. You can even have this gold in the rewards for roster level. I dont think anyone would actually throw a fit over this since the gold is still accessible, but maybe takes a bit longer to acquire.

  2. Do a deep scrub of the Auction House and start banning - This is pretty self explanatory, the AH is ridiculous right now. You can easily tell who is gold trading just by looking at the outrageous prices for some of the items like T1 junk accessories. It shouldn’t be that hard to track down the buyer and seller of these outrageously priced items and ban them.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! These solutions are not a catch all, bots still make gold from doing things like selling fish, gems, etc but realistically the majority of their gold is coming from the other sources I’ve mentioned. Maybe these ideas will spark more creative solutions, but at the end of the day we all want bots gone so let’s make it happen.

I think the approach of the guardian stone crystals to abyssal dungeons is not that great, both for players and the developers. Making chaos dungeon guardians roster bound, and adding tradeable ones to abyssal dungeons firstly would greatly increase the amount players get crystals. That’s a different topic of discussion though. A change like is an entire gameplay/design change that majorly affects players, and also requires decent development work and thought. What happens when characters reach abyssal dungeon lockouts from higher ilvl? Be forced to clear valtan+ for their crystals,? etc. A change like this is a massive change that affects every single real player.

The real solution is better tools like they’re already working on. But some band-aid fixes that would inconvenience and slow the bots down and where they should start are:

  1. Remove the free white rabbit pet at the start of the game and lock it behind 2FA through steam. Real players get the pet reward for having 2FA, bots now have to go through extra steps per account.

  2. Have some sort of verification to claim una’s tokens, a large part of what bot’s can use to get weekly gold.

  3. Have a much more punishing stance then the current very lenient one for RMT. Start actually removing gold and setting negative values. More permabans.

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