Want to know my Character Restoration List

I would like to know which characters are available to be restored on my account.
Server: Kharmine (NAE)
Main: Esüdesu(1502.50)
Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Dewi Welcome to the forum! :lion:

I hope you’re doing great and I’ll be more happy to help you! :mage:
I’m going to check your account and I’ll be back in a moment! :sparkles:

UPDATE: Here is the list of deleted characters:

-Ürÿu lvl 50 (Sharpshooter)
-Ältäir lvl 34 (Sorceress)
-Mïsu lvl 54 (Shadowhunter)
-Nïnggüang lvl 50 (Soulfist)
-Viölette lvl 57 (Gunslinger)
-Scärlxrd lvl 50 (Gunlancer)
-Âltâir lvl 56 (Arcanist)
-Cëltÿ lvl 50 (Gunslinger)
-Kyöuka lvl 54 (Summoner)
-Katsümï lvl 56 (Reaper)
-Vïolettë lvl 60 (Scrapper)
-Tangerinë lvl 56 (Blaster)

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Thanks so much! Quick question can you also see the ilvl’s of some of the character’s? I wanted to know the ilvl of Violette and celty

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More than welcome and yes I can help you with that! :slight_smile:

-Ürÿu lvl 50 (Sharpshooter) 866.67
-Ältäir lvl 34 (Sorceress) 168.33
-Mïsu lvl 54 (Shadowhunter) 1327.50
-Nïnggüang lvl 50 (Soulfist) 923.33
-Viölette lvl 57 (Gunslinger) 1447.50
-Scärlxrd lvl 50 (Gunlancer) 600.00
-Âltâir lvl 56 (Arcanist) 1370.00
-Cëltÿ lvl 50 (Gunslinger) 973.33
-Kyöuka lvl 54 (Summoner) 1375.83
-Katsümï lvl 56 (Reaper) 1445.00
-Vïolettë lvl 60 (Scrapper) 1370.00
-Tangerinë lvl 56 (Blaster) 1401.67