Wanting to play alts feels a bit like a punishment bcs of Pheons

Yes I know this topic again, yes I know its hard discussed… Just want to tell you my opinion and nothing more.

I just reached my goal with my main to finally say “Ok, now I wanna gear up/play my alt”

Bought a legy stone for 7 Pheons and luckily got 6/6 on first try (many have to buy more stones and waste more pheons)

Then I calculated all the ACCS with engraving etc. wanted to buy them but I saw “15” Pheons each. 75 Pheons for full Legy ACCS for an ALT.

100x Pheons pack is 850 Blue Crystals = 8910 Gold if u were to convert it (990 sale price example for EUC).

Noted that all the pheons I got from the game was gone as fast as possible bcs of relic accs (25 eavh) and ofc relic stone (9 each) which I had to try more than once.

The game WANTS u to play alts, but this is just hilarious imo.
I never saw a statement from any CM on that topic.

Before anyone says I should stop crying, I consider myself a whale and even bought royal crystals to convert them into blue crystals just to buy Pheons, but its annoying to waste money on something this… USELESS. And consider players, who dont spend any or not that much money on the game and cant earn much money ingame because they arent as high lvl as others and still want to enjoy playing alts.

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The game in facts wants you to waste money on pheons. That’s it. The free pheons we get are supposed to be a bonus and we are supposed to buy pheons at some point.

Its like saying oreha fusion materials are useless. Like yeah, they are only for honing, otherwise they are useless extra currencies. It is what it is, it will not change.

The only difference is you can craft them in your stronghold i guess. Still a gold sink.

Pheons are the most useless currency i´ve seen, only want to take off our wallets

Thinking about it yesterday, the game doesn’t want you to play with “alts”. It wants you to play entirely new characters that go through the entire game to help offset any lack of new players. But they give some concessions like roster stats/cards/runes/engravings, roster storage, and stronghold buffs, to offset this pain.

Otherwise why lock tradeable gear as “tradeable to others but not between roster”? Such as stones and accessories. Especially stones that have a one trade limit. They want you to either buy or grind out yourself a full gearset on that character.

I really don’t know what you guys are doing with your pheons. I have a main sitting at 1460, got my stone after like 20 tries and sitting on 2/5 relic accessories because I’m on a dead euw server and cant find my stuff in ah. I bought a few t3 accessories, but these are easy to drop. Also I have 4 t3 alts, again you don’t even need to buy accessories for t3 alts at all. T1 and T2 you can spreedrun through without even caring about bonus stats or engravings. At t3 1340 dungeon is easy, 1470 one drops you your accessories. Why buy them? Also people don’t look at engravings for argos anymore, they just do fast alt runs or even carry smaller alts with their mains.

My t3 alts all sit at minumum 3x3 engravings all from 1370 dungeon

I have 12 characters in my roster right now, and I agree that pheons are sometimes a pain, but I think it’s necessary. Whenever I make a purchase on the AH, I just add in the cost of the pheons to the actual sale price and do my own calculations. The fact that we’ve gotten something like 400 pheons since launch also helps.

If you’ve missed out on pheons or spent them all by buying random stuff (like I did), just add the pheon cost in gold to your buying price, and hopefully it’ll allow you to make better/smarter purchases.

i have 4 1370 all 4x3 5 gems fully geared get over it lol it sucks 100th thread just deal with it and move on i also have a 1452 and a 1415

just by what you sayed in first few words, and yes i have 300 peons with 3 alts same 3x3x3x1 and one on 1340 gear 3x3,
So you are one of thouse guys that dont pot, dont use BI flares, and bla bla bla yada yada yada, that just wants to be a burden :D.
but nice try, ure brave, that wnt work later on ingame, you will be one of them crying " m being gatekepped"
Again peons are here to stay , as harsh they are they are staying.
PS: wanna see ure guild carrie you later on , when gear matter :slight_smile:

and yet your one of them saying " dont know what you ve been doing with peons i still have…blablablalba."

responding you , most ppl feel your pain, specialy for a new player that didnt get the first tons of peons given at launch.
i know for a fact a guy i met last week started to play and hes in pain.
But its a sistem to make market balanced, and keep economy alive.
you have to suck it up and buy them with gold.
Even sayed “director” stating they want us to play many classes, and sistem in play is made for a rooster.
for now it is what it is, and i dont think will change.

Some replies here man… I got all the pheons from every source we could get. My main is 1500ilvl, but I also do GvG for example. I have PvE and PvP full relics AFTER I also invested some money for Pheons, because I got unlucky RNG. I bought legy accs for Argos at the beginning with my main also ofc to get properly geared. Just because some of u were lucky with drops or other kind of RNG, doesnt mean others are the same. And tbh, I think cutting stones is more expensive (pheons wise) than buying ACCS.
If pheon system stays as it is, we should just get more pheons or it shouldnt be as expensive as it is (and it will rise with gold inflation)

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Pheons are the principal reason I haven’t logged onto the game in 4 days, and the reason I think about uninstalling every day.

They’re a plague that come between you and every sincle interaction you would want to have in the game.

Can’t even give one of my own characters an item I farmed without Amazon holding out their hand asking me for three fiddy.

Like “F!?K off!” … like I don’t have enough people looking to extract money from me at every turn in the real world I need to deal with that s?!t in a virtual one as well? How about no?

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Did you even read my post? Where did I mention flares or anything you are saying lol. You definitely need to improve your reading skill.
Again just for you:
4x3 isn’t necessary for any content we have, but good to have for valtan.
3x3 is more than enough for your alts at 1370. There are enough classes that don’t even need that if played good enough.
Before t3 you literally just need your class engraving.

1370 content is easy enough to clear. There you get your free accessories, THERE IS NO NEED TO BUY THEM FROM AH.

If you are mad that you cant clear argos p3 with your alts dm me ingamr I carry you through it :slight_smile:

you play east? i need a p3 carry for my 1370 Paladin xD

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Sorry I’m on EUW :smiley: but I did P3 with 1370 paladins before. There surely are groups that will go to p3 with you.

RMT-driven inflation has given us utterly absurd relic accessory and stone prices that most players can’t even afford and yet every transaction has up to 2.5k gold fee slapped on top.

While pheons may have been bearable before relic gear and the inflation, they aren’t anymore and the complaints will continue.

Cheap ass hoarder, 4x3 can be done anytime.

Meta andy :'D

How is investing into your money makers a punishment?