War between Light and Dark

I am working through the Feiton questline and about 2 hours into this tedium I hit this quest, why is this in the game? Who is asking for a metal gear solid level stealth mini-game that takes 40 minutes because you are making me roleplay slow walk on a character thats not even mine, i have no abilities and I can’t fight back. This is part of the main story quest, so it is mandatory. are you trying to sell level skips or something? Designing bad software to get people to skip it doesn’t seem like Smilegates M.O.

Why would something from three decades ago that was boring bad game design then be in a game now? People are trying to progress and you put this right in the way, doesn’t seem to be anyway to even bypass this waste of time, Can we get it taken out of the game? 2 hours of boring stealth walking in a style of game that wasn’t any good 30 years ago is probably a negative, thanks for reading.


I agree 200%! Total waste of my time, and a waste in a modern game like Lost Ark.

This quest has many of my alts benched its so so long and the only fail part hapens like 20 min in its not fun put a 100g skip on this one or somthing please its so bad. this is the block that keeps my alts and for a full day my main from enjoying the game.