Wardancer Lightning kick - Flash lightning tripod not working

On my wardancer, flash lightning tripod level is set to 1 even though I have the tripod equipped. Please fix this issue!

Hey there, mooooo.

What is your character name and server name?

It’s mooooo in Valtan

Thank you. I’ll get this over to the development team for you.

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One slight request, can I have a screenshot of your tripod?

here you go

Thank you! Every bit helps :slight_smile: .

Make sure that if you are using ALT+E that you have set it so it uses the Equipped Gears Tripods if you aren’t saving them to your storage. It may be set to that and then it won’t apply ofc

This is a potential fix as well! Thanks for pointing this out.

So it seems like all lv1 tripods on wd have this problem. When I equip lv1 tripod on any other character, it says current tripod level is 2 but on wd, it says level 1.

Interesting, thanks for letting me know.