Wardancer Mains Shed Some insight

to all you wardancer mains what class engraving do you prefer and why.
i have a wardancer waiting to go to 1445 and i enjoy the class playstyle alot but im unsure of what class engraving to go eso seems fun but a couple of the eso skills are meh to me also first intent looks like it has alot of mobility and the more mobility the more fun imo so i guess it comes down to how does the dmg compare and what are some cons of both.
lastly gems i know WD needs high investment but does either class setup need more or less dmg gems.
ultimately plan to make a WD as a 2nd main, any advice is appreciated

Grudge/Augment mass/Raid captain/

As you play swiftness, it’s a must have because windwhisper make AM/RC ultra strong.

Eso => lvl 1 with lvl 2 adrenaline

First intent => lvl 3

Next is Backstab master OR KBW, If you play Backstab master, you’ll play 4 dominion/2entropy
KBW is 4domi 2 nightmare or 6 domi.

For gems, the gameplay really become insane when you have everything 7.

I like my first intention alt, but I still would like to warn you that FI can get a bit repetitive. It’s very weird to have only 3 dps and the same strict rotation over and over again. It’s not boring…just a tad bit uninspiring.

For me personally it seems like a class best suited for limited game time.

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I’m playing my SH as a main (DI) and my Wardancer FI, i don’t understand why, but i have waaaaaay more fun playing Wardancer.

It may be repetitive, but you need to find the rythm and position, it’s fun.

I play fi before 1370. To me is little bit boring, so I switch eso and its a lot of fan.
Eso playstyle more complex so if you want easier playstyle you can chose fi.
Eso have 3 main path build wise:
1 spender: Basicly playstyle same as fi and do less damage than 2 spender. You can chose this if you dont have enough collectible and tripods
3 spender: I plan to test out but still missing 1 purple wealt rune. As far as I know this build do similar dps as 3 spender
2 spender: the goal is to do two 4 buble every burst, and how often burst mostly depend on ww cd tripod and ww cd gem level
Meta build is dominion set and you have a lot of burst window. My friend use this build,and feel very fast pase
I using halucination.its give bigger number but bigger cd on skills.
Need considering collectibles and tripods also.
You have different rotation or skill distribution depends on the current situation.
Example if you dont have lvl 5 tripod on fhf, then you need to use counter skill before 2nd eso skill for 4 bubble damage. Az 1370 I even use counter skill lvl 10 so I can gain enough meter for burst.

First Intention plays snappier, with less animation locks and fast burst damage windows, and has really good mobility but also has mana issues.
ESO has more consistent damage, medium animation locks, but less mobility.

Damage wise ESO has the higher Dmg ceiling while having a good uptime at the boss but due to the lack of mobility it’s harder to achieve the targeted 100% uptime (mechanics excluded).
First Intention, on the other hand, is due to its burst windows and mobility way easier to play.
(Imho, also more boring - but this is just personal preference)

Realistically they do nearly the same damage as long as you have fun and being able to handle your class.

Edit: Truth to be told, ESO is also cheaper to build right now with 4x3,1x2,1x1 because you don’t need your leggy class engraving book and [any Dmg engraving] + Awakening combo is cheap af. But the +5 ESO can be annoying to get.

Last but not least, the Wardancer FAQ.

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Thats why I did a eso wardancer alt. Sure everyone said “if you wana play eso then make a striker”… well eso wardancer is also fun. CD ar way more fun to play.