Wardancer mains/pros I have a min max question

With the pretty recent nerf to judgement conviction having 100% uptime on dom set is pretty rough. So the way I see it these are mandatory (FI) -grudge-keen-FI-Raid- and for the 5th mass increase is a good fit. But I would also like to have awaking 1/2. Over the period of a raid having more/100% uptime on dom set seems more important. It’s huge damage buff huge cd and when it’s off and judge/conv just procd and you have to decide to just ult or wait for internal cooldown feels bad. Maybe somthing like awaking 2 adren 1 would be more effective and make the class feel more consistent. I’ve read the guides and seems the graphs of downtime on dom set with specific swiftness stat ect but just was wondering what’s some of yours guys thought. Thanks

Im doing this in my wardancer https://loawa.com/char/zealstwitch, because after two failed builds made by me, I gave up.
Yes, yes copying build is lame blah blah blah but I grown sick of trying to make it work by my own means…