Wardancer New PTR Esoteric vs First Intention

Hi! With the new KR PTR, which engraving will be the better build for late game Wardancer?


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I believe single spender and FI are almost equal in ptr rn, double spender is gonna be harder to pull off since domination set will ahve a longer cd since you don’t run 1800 swiftness on it and with 1800 swiftness its a small 4? second downtime that and single spender doesnt run crit secondary stat like FI and single spender do
BUT the overall 14% dmg boost to single spender skills and like 20%? or so boost to FHF makes double spender still good even when it’s not critting but I can’t really vouch that it’s the best build due to lack of crit rate at least not from what I’ve seen but I haven’t really done any research since after like the 3rd day of ptr changes of watching that guys twitch
here’s 2 videos of #1 wd in kr dmg testing both single spender and FI as you can see it’s a 4 second clear difference which is really nice also sorry idk how to format on these forums but it is 2 videos