Wardancer & Relic sets after class balance patch

Good evening everyone

Wardancer FI here.

I have read the patch notes RE: Class balance patch.

I note that WW now provides mana regen instead of crit:

I was wondering if the change, combined with -40% and -30% MP cost runes would solve our mana issue?

I also read that people have been going for the Awakening relic set or the MP cost relic set.


After the changes, if mana is not as big of an issue anymore, and with the CRIT nerf, would the Back Attack / CRIT relic set be better value?


That set with FI lvl 3, Ambush Master lvl 3, Keen Blunt lvl 3, Raid Captain lvl 3 ?

Wardancer Elagcia Balance Notes & Builds - Google Slides

You can refer on this for future builds, with the new balance patch.

Basically, we will still run 6pc Dominion for both FI and Esoteric, but there will be engraving changes for 2spender Esoteric.

FI / 1 spender is not that much affected by the Crit Rate removal because 2 of their major DPS skills (FHF and Sweeping Kick) have near 100% Crit Rate and they naturally build Crit so they can still safely go Keen Blunt.

2 spender got hit by the Crit Rate removal so they are gonna avoid Keen Blunt and it’s gonna make Adrenaline 3 mandatory to run for them to offset the lost crit rate.

The nerf on Conviction+Judgment made that we NEED to run Awakening 1 (you can go Awakening 2 and completely ditch C+J altogether) to have 100% uptime on Dominion Fang.

Both builds will be more likely to run the Mana Regen tripod still, because all the 3 builds will have mana problems later on with Dominion Fang buff active.

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My current set up is similar to this:

I may go with that build instead of the recommended FI.

I have been using the awakening skill as a bust dps. I guess with the awakening relic set, since the damage is halves, if will not be used for bust anymore but only as a buff?

Yes because your awakening damage is halved if you have Dom Fang set, so your awakening is just a trigger for your major buff it gives.

The first awakening is going to be the preferred one to run since it is much faster (you just need to tap it) and little to no animation lock.

What do you mean by that?

The first awakening is a holding skill but you can tap it to just release the final attack to get the buff.

The second awakening will lock you in place for quite some time (but it gives you a 80% damage reduction which is nice) but in this scenario getting animation locked is pretty bad so most KR WD run the first awakening skill.

I forgot the name of it so pardon me :sweat_smile:

Ah, I understand now. Just press the V to trigger the buff, even though the skill does not get casted entirely.

Yep exactly. This will save your ass on later legion raids since animation locks can be pretty punishing and can actually kill you.

I wish you were flat out invulnerable during that skill, it is really visually impressive but it just can’t see play when the alternative would be lower risk even without it’s damage reduction. (Couldn’t they at least give it equal damage reduction?)

Well if you use dom fang what matters is to just get the buff anyway

But yes, it would’ve been a better dom fang trigger if at least you can cancel mid animation.

where did you find this? care to share?

check my first comment on this post, i linked it there.

Why do you NEED to run awakening and why would u cancel an ultimate even with a - 30% dmg nerf from the relic set?
depending on how many spenders u play u still run on high swiftness. Roundabout 30% cdr.
+20% cdr from dominant set
= 50% cdr
Conviction judgment 15% (multiplicative after nerf) = 57,5% cdr
Awakening has 300sec CD and with 57.5%cdr u would be at 127.5sec. 120sec buff duration. The question here is, can’t we survive the 7.5 sec without the awakening engraving?

The first awakening is preferred because you can cancel is faster than the second awakening. The goal of your awakening is just getting the buff and not getting animation locked that long. You cannot cancel the animation of the second awakening.

The thing is: we won’t get 1.8k nor the 1.58k swiftness stat spread without the Bracelet until Abrelshud Raid.

Also, Conviction and Judgment can be inconsistent to proc, and if you get unlucky with the proc, your downtime will be longer than 7.5sec. The Awakening Engraving is a safety net to have 100% uptime of Dominion Fang, especially with the nerf on Conviction and Judgment.

Here is some computations for the total CDR that you will get with those combinations.

Awakening 1 is just a safety net. And yes, that 7.5seconds is somewhat big. It will add up.

EDIT: looks like I got some values wrong, imma edit it when I get home.

14 secs is kinda one rotation that’s goes off with ~30% less dmg. Doesn’t sound to big for me. Will test it anyway.
The C+J ditch with the new mana gain on whisper could be a way to go depending on the amount of mana gain.
Awakening 1 just feels like it hurts more than going any other available engraving
Also 1400 swift is already 30% cdr
Sry I rarely talk with other wardancer, that’s why I try to learn and take advantage of the wardancer “flaws” like the eso lvl 1 engraving with close to 75% effectiveness.

Oh and sorry made a mistake about the awaking dmg on the relic set it’s - 50%. Level 2 and 3 is 30% and 10%.
But still, why would u neglect an ulti skill that does half of the dmg of your rotation with relic set in 3 secs with - 80% dmg redu? Are u sure we will never find an opening on later boss encounters for it?

Because your second awakening, despite dealing more damage than the first, will be a dangerous and risky skill to use later on. There are already alot of times the second awakening killed me right off after the animation ends (since you cannot cancel it).

Also, your awakening damage is not really a major factor on your total DPS. Currently I deal like 10mil damage with my second awakening on cast with a CD of around 3mins, meanwhile my whole rotation in a span of that time is around 150mil total so my awakening contributes only around 10% of my total DPS. Now with Dominion Fang reducing the damage, your total DPS from your rotation will skyrocket immensely while your awakening will deal damage like a wet noodle.

1400 is only around 30% CDR (which is the Swiftness I have currently rn)

You can hover over the Swiftness stat on how much you CDR you get.

EDIT: got corrected and changed it.

yes, I certainly can?

but my question would be how to handle Judgement to ensure “tight” awakenings have it ready? Do you not use FHF at all to ensure you will be able to trigger judgement the exact moment you need awakening?

I kinda trigger it any time for it’s purpose for me is mana and I use FHF on CD. Everytime I’m “waiting” either for conviction to trigger (when off CD already) or FHF CD to “ensure” judgement triggers before buffs it feels like it’s not worth waiting at all as it only save 2-3 secs of skills, less then “ensuring” it really does that. It feels much better to use FHF under the buffs, and a filler between buffs then a “weak” CD trigger (gives more mana this way too).

Another question would be about engravings. All those “builds” requires awakening. But since we won’t be even able to get 5x3+1 is it still worth if you have to sacrifice damage engraving for awakening?

Oh wait, looks like I interchanged it with the Attack speed/move speed. My bad then. Im gonna edit my comment later when I get home.

5x3 + 1 might be hard to get even with Relic yes. So you’re gonna sacrifice some Engravings until Ancient.

But I think it’s worth the tradeoff for now because on the sheer stats that the Relic set gives to us.

Personally with my current 4x3 setup (Grudge, FI, Mass Increase and Keen Blunt) I’ll just put Awakening 2 in my relic set up so I can completely ditch C+J altogether. The new Mana Regen Tripod will immensely help my mana regen without the help of C+J.