Wardancer should at least have 1 push immune skill they CAN use... right?

As a Wardancer who’s played pvp since release and have fought a hundreds of matches already I can usually kill 1-2 sometimes even 3 ppl depending on the enemy skill level
The most punishing sad thing is that Wardancers have almost 0…(1) push immune skills to counter classes that have 5+ push skills, If you have played wardancer, the skill with push immune is rising fire dragon, a stationary skill that punches straight up into the air (no dash afterward u just go straight back down), AND you are only push immune AFTER u land, not while its being casted so it can easily be interrupted if any1 even tried to use it in pvp.

As a melee class thats supposed to be pretty tanky it feels a little bad to have 0 push immune skills that are actually useable in PVP or PVE. Incase you are curious if it can be used elsewhere… No1 uses rising fire dragon in PVP or even PVE (both esoteric alteration build, and first intention build-PVE engravings).

To that point…

Legit all other melee classes have 1-2 push immune skills or a shield that makes them to pushes…
Infact one of the other melee classes in the game with the highest damage in the game and mobility also can just walk through multiple… and i mean MULTIPLE push skills, i see them walk through multiple sorc abilities like they are strolling on the beach.
It feels bad to see every class have a mobile push immune skill, and i mean every class, and wardancer has none…

It feels like wardancers don’t get a fair pvp experience

So I’m going to say no, and that’s coming from a striker main. Wardancer and striker require finesse and I like that. I don’t want them becoming face roll classes like blade were you just see these blade players turning off their brain and ignoring mechanics because of all the push immunity they have. Wardancer already has more survivability than striker with the 10 percent damage reduction buff and they get a movement speed buff as well. I think the better solution for balance is remove the bloat of push immunity that some classes have that way they are forced to play the same game we are.

5+ push skills lmao


I actually wish blade would get nerfed so ppl would stop crying, and then I’d still shit on them LULW


Don’t you find it a little disingenuous to say striker needs finesse when they literally can fly through cc with their PUSH-IMMUNE, double dash tiger strike?

Having more survivability over having a push immune gap close is honestly not a good tradeoff, takes a little longer to die but when you are constantly on the floor i highly doubt that 10% matters when you cant even get to your target
-10% dmg taken +50% floortime

The thing is with wardancer, i’m pretty sure you can absolutely dumpster people after you bait standup. I know i’ve seen it once before

I win 30-35% of the time against blades of equal skill level, but the timings between their super armors, and lingers is way to tight
I also cant punish their long animation skills cuz they also push even if they arent super-armor/push immune skills

dash their dark axel upperslash, go in, ez juggle

game won

what? stagger isn’t a push

I’m not asking for a nerf, im asking for 1 push immune skill that can be used in PVE or PVP, at the current state… no build in pve or pvp or anything uses the skill that has “push-immune” on it, and even then the skill isnt a real push immune, it only works on 1/2 of the skill

If 1 push immune skill for a class is game breaking i guess i dont know anything really

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I dont think Wardancer is supposed to go toe to toe with other melee classes. They excel at chasing down backline classes or disrupting engages. You realistically want to bait a cast and go back in for a small combo, then get out while your skills reset. They play similar to striker but dont have the same all in game plan. They are one of the best melee in the game in 3v3 with thier tankiness, team buffs, and good damage but are harder to play since you realistically dont just want to sit on somone and want to constantly hit and run.

The recent Royal Roaders tournament in KR had a Wardacer on almost every team, if you want any indication of how strong they are. (Adding any SA may break the class even more IMO)

Isn’t royal roaders only 3v3? and not team elim?

the game isn’t balanced around team elim

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Correct, game is balanced around 3v3 for pvp

Feel’s a little weird to balance around one pvp game mode but maybe the future pvp KR balance will allow other styles of pvp’ers to be competitive instead of only in TDM

No I don’t because wardancer has 2 different push immune skills to choose from lol and like I said if wardancer gets our dash they need to give up the speed buff as well as the damage reduction buff

well thats why there’s no 1v1 ranked

The problem is you have to find one thing and balance around it or you risk completely breaking something else. 3v3 is the premier gamestyle for LA pvp. Balancing around anything else can completely break all the balances that have happened thus far

If the game is balanced around 3 v 3 then, yes wardancer is very good, If thats the way they want to balance pvp then i’ll invest more time in 3 v 3, which is much easier to win with the right teammates

Your class is not only one without superarmor so

Dont stop playing elim if you enjoy it. I have seen some crazy videos of wardancers 1v3 a team. They are just a lot harder to play in that scenario. Just keep at it and everything will click eventually and you can learn how to play against bad matchups.