Wardancer Tornado/Whirlwind


can I use my sonic vibration while the wardance is using her whirlwind or will it stop if the wardancer is on “my” team.

I know I can interrupt it with sonic vibration, bucket shot, prelude of storm when she is in the opposite team, but my question is what sonic vibration does when she is on my team.

I just had my favourite wardancer on my team and she suddlenly stopped her whirlwind, but I couldnt decipher if it was due to my sonic vibration which swings the opponents up and down, or voluntarily.

Thanks for your replies.


My brother in christ you cannot cc your own teammates

Please read correctly. Then try to answer if qualified for wardancer (thought you were blade). Thx.

what do you mean with whirlwind? energy combustion?

It might be call of wind, where she takes the opponents in this tornado/whirlwind with her.

I do not play Wardancer but I have close to 2K games in the Arena.

I am categoric : I have never seen, heard or experience something remotely close to what you described.

If you ask me, she canceled her animation intentionally, herself.

Or maybe it was like pushing somone out of ones skill? When I do my beam and someone pushes the opponent out of it, I also stop.

Maybe using the sonic vibration does the same for her only vertically?
I ve added the best wardancer to be :slight_smile: to the newly available friend list. I hope she will accept and then I can ask her directly if she remembers.

Thank you

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This is also a possibility yes ! In that scenario canceling animation to run further to the enemy would make sense as well ))

Wardancer Call of the Wind God (the tornado) in the PvP build is a hold effect. You can cancel it manually and sometimes do either because you expect something to hit you (it has no push immunity) or you need to close distance (your movement is slightly slower and your ability to change direction is slightly hindered while using it) or you want to do a quick target swap