Wardancer unable to continue awakening questline

I am unable to find/proceed with my wardancer awakening questline.

There is no questline that is appearing when I ended the 2nd quest here I check “In Progress” and “Guide” quest nothing is there.

I boosted my 2nd character prior to this and someone in my guild mention it could be somehow related to that? idk how. Boosted character already has awakening completed.

According to what I learned, normally awakening quest is only completed once per roster/server, so it seems this issue happened because I have the awakening quest on my main character but boosted a new character before completing which has the awakening completed already.

Please help fix


Seems like it got fixed after completing Rohendel quest line i’m not sure if this is Wardancer’s 1st awakening.

We have verified that if you start your Awakening Skill Quest Chain on one character, then switch to another character and complete the Awakening Skill Quest Chain there, you will not be able to complete the quest chain on the first character and will be prevented from unlocking your Awakening Skill.

We have escalated this bug for a fix with the team, and will provide updates as they become available.

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Were you guys able to find a fix? Just ran into this same problem :frowning:

In case this helps anyone else - I used the song to go to Trixion to talk to Beatrice and she just rewarded me the awakening skill right there

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That’s also my problem.

I did all Journey Quests with my main, after getting the Mail in Rohendel, but after doing the stuff on X-301 I dont geht any further quests. Saw some Guides and went to Shadow Island, but I completed the Quest there too now and there is no Quest which sends me to Kharmine’s island, the island is empty for me.

I leveled a 2nd charackter to lvl 50 but I dont think I did any relevant Quests with it, just did some Chaosdungeons etc.