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Okay hear me out. I am realy enjoying this class in everyway skill effects sound effects anything realy. But the damage… I think ım doing somethings wrong at this point cuz there is no way 1425 wardancer cant get pass 49million damage in one minute… Got no relic gear. Weapon at +14. My rotation is ROAR-WW-BLAST-MOONFLASHKİCK-TORNADO-FHF. Always trying to use buffs along with Energy combustions explosion.


You need to wait for 1445 for dmg spike.

Also you need adrenaline 3 for 2 spender, keen blunt probably cucking you. If you want a temporary remedy take sweeping kick with crit tripod over call of the wind god and you gucci.


Your build is pretty bad tbh.

Keen blunt is really bad for you right now, you don’t have enough damage for it to be usefull, you’re losing DPS in your current state.

Raid captain is a filler for now, it’s not even giving you 8% damage

Your attack power is HELLA low (it’s not enough for Argos P3)

Gems are good

Cardset is bad, you don’t want to use salvation before the +12 (and only for Vykas), you use the +7% critrate, if you don’t have it you take either %HP or Health Potion (Mokamoka)

Windwhisper should be 1/2/1 and not 3/2/1

Roar should be after Wind whisper in your cycle.

If you lack damage, put more spec, try playing 60% Swift 40% Spec.

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You need to change out your card set. Light of salvation doesn’t do anything without the awakened ability. Lost wind cliff preferred if you have it. Otherwise hp buffs. Adding in cursed doll over keen blunt if you can’t have consistent 60% crit rate. Also you have to wait until the dominion armor to do more.

Playing 1200 swift 600 spec doesnt help at all btw, tried it. ı was gonna buy new legendry items for that than ı changed my mind.
I am gonna try Ww before roar from now on thank you for that and gonna change ww to 1 2 1
I mean what can ı get at this point of the game. Raid captain doesnt work you say others say keen blunt is not working properly as well. I tried getting Cursed doll instead of Keenblunt but that doesnt change anything as well. I mean seriously ı realy dont know what to do right now but ım sure 50million for 1425 is…

Unfortunately, ı am short on 1 solas card and due to working cant farm that… so ı get light of salvation for valtan cuz you know dark damage resist.

Master of Ambush is hyper powerfull on the start of the game (we’re still at this point), so you can take it.

Just as you say, take Cursed Doll with it.

When i played my Wardancer, i was like you, can’t see the damage, i was litteraly like a support, then i tried 50/50 on my stats, it was already better.

The thing you need to understand is that right now, for every classes, we’re on the “start” of being high level, and the build you see on the net are the set for when you ARE high level.

Right now, there is absolutly NO NEED for an ESO wardancer to take Swiftness, you would do more damage if you were full specialisation, but maybe it’s a little too late for you, as you’ll have your “gameplay change” with 2 set dominion.

There is no legion raid doing dark damage, Valtan is physic, Vykas is physic, Kaykul is physic, and Abrel do some dark damage.

There is some scary bad advice in here.

First off your engravings are completely wrong.

Grudge 3
Raid captain 3
Adrenaline 3
Eso 1

This is mandatory, or your damage will continue to feel terrible.

The next thing is your runes.

Winds whisper - focus rune from south Vern vendor
Roar of courage - blue wealth
Energy combustion - run esoteric exertion and purple wealth
Moon flash kick - legendary wealth
Flash heat - galewind
Sky shattering - bleed
Blast formation - legendary galewind
Tornado- purple galewind

For stats just go spec on necklace, rest swift. You need a high quality necklace so that your spec isn’t abysmal.

Esoteric is incredibly dependent on tripods. The first ones you should aim for are

  1. Ready attack winds whisper level 4
  2. Quick prep winds whisper. Level 4

Match your roar of courage cd via roar Cd gem/quick prep tripod

  1. White flame kick on moon flash level 4 mandatory
  2. Esoteric exortion on energy combustion level 4 mandatory
  3. Damage tripods on blast formation (weak point first)
  4. Damage on tornado (growth attack first)

Wardancer had it’s Crit nerfed, its absurdly reliant on getting it anywhere it can excluding stats.

  1. Lostwind Cliffe
  2. Gunslinger Crit buff is your friend.

Lastly you need to take attack speed tripod on winds whisper, no exceptions. If you’re testing in trixion simply add max MP to your engravings level 3 as it doesn’t affect damage and it solves your mana issues.

If this sounds expensive to you, you’re going to have a really bad time on ESO wardancer.

Master of ambush is a meme engraving.

You don’t go half spec. You fix your tripods.

With the recent upgrade of the specialisation scaling, it’s better to go half half, or even full spec before the dominion set.

This is just straight up incorrect. Tripods listed above let you 4 orb tornado and 3 orb blast formation with no issues. One orb isn’t worth losing the swiftness.

Getting your weapon to +16 gives you an auto bump of 1800 atk power I believe off the top of my head. I have a 1424 WD but run FI. My attack power is 22,471 atm without Grudge or Cursed Doll. Currently run Keen Blunt, FI, Raid Capt, Increased Mass and Adrenaline. I also don’t have any Relic gear on this toon yet.

Eso and FI build a little differently but as others have stated your build seems a bit off and that card set is useless for you until you unlock it.

I’m talking about… the damage.

As am I. Losing the swiftness lowers your damage more than having the additional spec would increase it.

Before dominion ? We’re not playing the same game then.

Your swiftness right now doesnt give enough CDR to go through this hole in your cycle.

But Specialisation make it so you do waaaaaaay more damage, and on the long run, and even on the short, it gives more DPS.

This isn’t true at all. Swiftness allows you to actually get your full rotation into WW including FHF and great explosion which requires 1218 and 1278 respectively…

Edit: no were most likely not playing the same game, both my wardancers have 4 piece Dom and are at 3.6m-4.5m DPS in trixion.

If you say so dude, not gonna argue more, i don’t really care tbh, it’s clear that it’s not about helping someone now.

Wow cool, nice e-p*nis, want a reward ?

You’re telling someone to go more spec, which they tried on trixion and go figure it didn’t help lol.

You then re-suggested the same thing, it is about helping someone but also preventing missinformation.

You’re high dude, like… really, don’t know if you’re acting like a kid on purpose, but it’s boring tbh.

His “normal” stat are 1120 swiftness, and 550 spe, and he said he tried 1200 swiftness 600 spec.

Misinformation start by shutting people lying isnt it ? I mean, just like you litteraly did, he didnt said he tried 50/50, or to add more spec at the price of swiftness.

We both know right now it’s about your ego.

Please go to the wardancer discord or any other place where people theorycraft the class and suggest a 50/50 spec swift distribution lol.