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Think about how much resources you are wasting buying new accessories. I recommend sticking with what you have and saving up for relic accessories while deciding what build you want to go once you hit 1445 and can afford it.

The reason I recommended you going sweeping kick instead of call of the wind god is because sweeping kick takes advantage of keen blunt weapon which you have now as it has a crit tripod that makes up for your lack of crit rate.

You can go two directions here change
-Change out accessories to make 2 spender work
-Change out gems and tripods to make 1 spender work

Up to you which option you want to go just keep in mind that wardancer’s dmg will continue to suck till 1445.

Nice answer showing this much hypocrisy after all this “Q_Q misinformation Q_Q”

Please go to KR, and try 80/20 Swiftness/Spec before Dominion lol, enjoy your matchmaking

I will try Sweeping kick instead of Call of the wind god with dark tripod ofcourse Thanks for the advice.

Bro ım gonna be honest, ı dont know why you guys started having fight for no reason… But that did not helped let me tell you that much. I tried 800 800 swift/spec like you suggested…
As you can see with almost same crit rate its added up like 3 million and with 40 percent of crit rate it added 5 million with my current engravings thats cool but there is no way that ı could change my items and stats at this stage of game to the 50/50 but your suggestion was right thanks for that ı’ll keep that in mind.

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Brother ı tried your engravings setup with my current stats and it changed 2 millionish…
For the tripods ı got nothing literally ı dont know maybe got level 4’s couple thats all.
Im using legend convic/judgement.
Tried swiftness tripot over mp and it also did not change that much as well.

With Grudge 3 Raid 3 Adrenalin 3 Keen 3 Eso 1 damage

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As I stated prior you don’t run conviction and judgement. You aren’t getting enough orbs without EC wealth.

KBW is inconsistent and is an insta drop when you get Dom fang.

If the attack speed over mana isn’t changing anything then your not landing FhF in your whisper window.

Edit: you have a 5% different in Crit between the KBW vs non KBW setup.

You need tripods, it’s esoteric wardancer.

Winds whisper ready attack is the strongest damage increase tripod in the game.

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how much downtime u have on your dom buff without judg conv?

Dom ?

Hi guys, my guildmate fully immersed himself in the Korea Wardancer meta since the launch and he went in depth on how to play Wardancer (Eso), have a look at his 30 minute in depth video about everything for eso wardancer and hope it helps

None, running awakening 2