Wardancers only thread

Hello my fellow dancers , I haven’t met a lot of us in my time playing so far, I was just curious how are others liking the engravings " first intention" vs “esoteric skill” . And the general gameplay for us. I’m personally loving the mobility and high bursts of damage we do. Let me know your thoughts !

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kr version seem to prefer first int that erases bubbles and stick with non bubble skills. I went with esoteric that adds one more bubble since the game play style was more interesting. Our job is to give some useful raid buffs while trying to counter boss and stun em since we are close to the boss than any other class. This is not an answer but just my opinion from what i been playing so far.

So far I’m liking this class, but I’m only at level 24. Haven’t learned much about it, but I’m liking it so far.