Is it only me or really would like to see a lock/ necro class in lost ark .
Would be nice to be able to summon like 10 skeletons that runs after you and do ton alot dmg like diablo .

Then the 10 skeletons get slapped by a Legion Raid boss and there are no corpse to resummon… also like Diablo.

I was playing a minion necro and realized if all my skeletons are killed and if I die, there will be no more corpse for me to resummon and my attack spells are useless because I pumped all my skill points into summoning skills :joy:

Haha true they fix that shit so you can get fake corpse lol. I mean they may have to ofc rebuild that class if you are going to be playing with skeletons . But it would alot fun to have that class in lost ark i would play it for sure