Warlord/Gunlancer (400+ Ilvl) fresh?

So deciding to make/pwerpass a warlord and wondering there any advice/guides (no yt due to being deaf) on how to play as Blue Gunlancer to T2/T3 for farming ?


Blue gunlancers are some of the best classes u can start. You control the boss with ur taunts and u are by far the thiccccccccest boi in the game with that shield up. I have to say the one thing i disliked at first is the backspace where instead of moving forward, u move back.

If u ever played monster hunter, its plays very similar.

Just dont forget that while u have ur shield up, u move slow. u can toggle it on and off while using Z.

Cheers and goodluck !

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Oh sweet xD

Go to the maxroll website it has really well written guides for all classes. Has all the details you need from the abilities, rotation, stats, engravings, runes etc, as well as a breakdown on why you want to take them so you can understand the choices being made. Hope that helps and gets you sorted out!

It’s still confuses me though ;(

I reply to a post about it but I’ll copy past it for u here :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile: I’m actually 1358 ilevel, my main is a gunlancer, I didn’t go on the net for any infos, so I might not be the real chad on this class, but here are my tips, I hope it can help you out. Btw am totaly f2p player.

1, use specialisation as your main stat, crit at secondary, the power of your shields will be great to tank and the crits can help you to dps, I personnaly use a 70/30 ratio but atm I’m more in a 30/70 'cause of the rarity of the items and their cost; I still do decent damages and tank enough to not die, or rarely against bosses like Aurion (1385)

2, use 3 skills set : one should be focus on your solo pve content with more AOE things like chaos dungeon and adventure; a second one should be focus on bosses raid (guardians, abyssals, field bosses) with more staggering skills, counter (you have 2 of them, be sure to know them and when to use them against each bosses); and one last on the book of coordination for the pvp content on this one it’s more about placement and damages input, I can’t really help you on this one because I’m bad at pvp xD haha

3, the engravings, I do like a lot the combo, combat readiness + barricade, it gives you plenty damages bonus as a tank but it requires you to be on constant shield. As a third for the stone and jewelery, awekening is a great one, super charge for damages also, or spirit absorbtion for more attack and movespeed.

4, to be on constant shield you need to use your shout skill at level 10 without your defensive stance, for that I often time my Nellasia’s Energy before using my shout, it will give me a shield too, reduce the damages that I’ll get from the ennemies after the shout skill, reducing the damages on your shield and so allowing you to tank way more longer ! After you have shouted you can “z” again to trigger your combat readiness.

5, choose wisely your awekening ability, if it’s a chaos that you often run, a guardian that you have difficult to pass for whatever reason you may have, … be sure to read well their pro and con, because you will not use the same one on each case. I rarely now use the first one because I’m used to most content, but on hard bosses like Moake where I’m clearly under geared, I use it because it allows me to take less damages and fill up my shield metter to 100%.

and last but not least, know the mechanics of each bosses, do them again and again, there is some simple mechanics that even with very low mobility you can avoid, less damages to you means that your shield will last longer until your next shout. Some mecanics can be interrupted by your shout, other can be countered (when the bosses glow blue). Remember that the gunlancer is a real stagger machine ! So you will make the bosses kneel to you very often :slight_smile: so keep your big damages skills for those moments. Use your skills wisly, it’s all about practice.

I hope those advices will help you out, I can’t help you yet on the cards choices, because I don’t have any awakened set yet.