Warning Appeal Support just ignored me

Well, when logging in the game today I received the following warning:

Your recent actions have been flagged for violating our Code of Conduct.
Please discontinue the behaviour that resulted in the warning or you may receive apenalty.
If you believe you received this warning in error, you may appeal.

Reason: Abusive Language
Code of Conduct

It gave me a not working button to an appeal link (Found the right one later)

I am sure I was not offensive to anyone, so even this was just a warning, I decided to appeal so at least I could see what message I have sent that caused this mess. (For some context, some players claimed they were mass reporting any brazilian people that spoke on chat, this Is what I thought that could be happening to me)

Tried to contact the support, and for my surprise, this was the message I received:

I created another ticket as this response didn’t offer me any means to continue, not even a ticket ID. I am only asking to see what message caused this mess, I never had any problem with amazon support, but this is way too vague with some generic text.

New awnser:

Still claiming that I did something wrong but not showing me anything at all, and with the same generic text message above it, how am I suppose to not repeat a behaviour that I am not even aware I had? I am sure I was not offensive at any point

I tried one last time before comming here so at least I know what I could have done, this was probably either a fraud or a mistranslation issue, in any case, I can’t even know. But this is the last anwser I received:

Support didn’t even bother to read previous tickets, as I stated, I am not even banned, I am literally asking “what did I do?” and they just throw me a “you must present a prove”, Was my messages even read? I never expected this kind of support from amazon.

I can not even chat on game anymore because now I am afraid they will continue this report abuse and I may get banned for no reason as It clearly shows that doesn’t matter if they did a mistake you can not appeal for anything. I wish I could have posted here the exactly texts I sent to the support, but I couldn’t find any kind a history.


Hi @Calmf, welcome to our Lost Ark Forums! :wave:

Thank you for posting your concern in here.

When it comes to disciplinary actions, the moderation team is the one who has the last word on this. Also, due to policy reasons our Customer Support isn’t allowed to share the details of a penalty applied to the players.

Hope this helps, have a nice day!


Alright, but what happens when the moderation team fails? Because this happened here, I am pretty sure this was a racism case, because that is basically what is happening on Agaton server. Yesterday people literally said to mass report all brazilians and I received this warning today.

Or this was a result of a mistranslation of something I said, or this was racism for me being brazilian that for some weird reason got accepted in the report.

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And… ignored again


I am pretty much in a similar case except it’s a warning and not a ban. I originally was in EUC and some random dudes talked about mass reporting others so the automatic system would flag them and make room in the queues.

I asked Amazon for a proof of what they have against me, I got the exact same copy/paste reply you had, and no proof whatsoever about what motivated the warning. My guess is that it’s, as another proof of Amazon Games’ gross incompetence", the automatic system that banned you and Amazon doesn’t give a rat fuck. I’ve done many MMOs, but the sheer incompetence of Amazon with Lost Ark is just staggering gross.


I am not banned, It was also a warning, I wanted to contact support because I am afraid this will keep happening and eventually I would get banned, now I am afraid of even sending a message on chat because of these mass reports (Still not sure If this was the reason I got the warning, since support refuses to show me what I did)

Also a member from my guild got the same warning today.

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Ah, sorry for the confusion.

To be fair, as a general rule of thumb, I stay as far away from the chat as possible, Lost Ark’s community is just a toxic hellhole sadly.

The vast majority of my world population speaks Spanish, I speak Portuguese, I created a Guild to have a place where we can understand the chat, but I need to advertise it on local chat, so I kind need that chat.

Hi there, I hope you are doing great.

Apologies, we don’t handle ban appeal concerns via forums. You can submit your appeal here: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

I’ll be closing this topic.

Thank you everyone.