Warning: Bugged shard pouches

Lost thousands of Harmony Shards from POUCHES. Chests are fine as once opened they go straight into inventory. Pouches, on the other hand, drop onto floor with the animation and a message saying you’ve picked them up but they do not go into inventory (and I haven’t had pet inventory active with no crys aura. I’ve not once received items from pouches. TEST opening one before opening in bulk or you’ll be moving on to another game too.

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this happened to me too. thousands of shards. game breaking bug.

Marinagasolina - Bergstrom - NA WEST
Thousands of shards that i got through quests and dungeons disappeared i believe from clicking off a honing in progress to speed it up and see instant results. i bought more from mari shop with gold which never delivered, did quests and i get the pouch but when i open the pouch i cant use them and then they disappeared even from the top menu bar.