Warning Character's name policy violated

Hello, I received a policy violation notice for the character name last night. in the message it stated that at my next log-in in the game I would be asked to change my name. I have no problem doing this but I need to figure out if I have to buy the ticket to do it or I will be given a forced name change token. thanks, i tried to contact amazon and they told me that for more information i could ask here. Thanks again.

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In this case when you access the game you should be prompted to change the name. I recommend you to try launching the game again and if the option to change the name is still not showing up contact Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games.

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Did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same issue. First I got the message and relogged after getting knocked out of the game, but I wasn’t prompted to rename my character and didnt receive a name change token. Then I get hit with the day temporary ban. Cool, nbd, wait the day and log back in to the same thing. No prompt to change name and no token. Did you have to pay to do it? I don’t want to get banned again, so do I just not play the character?

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Please contact with Lost Ark Support | Amazon Games to submit a ticket about your issue with changing your name, they’ll communicate you the following steps once they have a response on it.

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I followed your advice and contacted support. They told me to go buy a name change! Can you believe that? We pay to play early and then they want more on top for a name they allowed through!

to be fair, you did violate a policy.

@Talagul yeah i resolved. Of course they didn’t give me any token change name or anything else. A cringe meme in my opinion but i didn’t want to have problem with ban so i bought it. Unfortunately i think u need to do the same.

@Yondaime In my opinion if a name can be used in character’s selection and is not offensive to anyone or anything u can’t tell me 5 hours later that i need to change it forcefully with my money or else i’ll be banned. At least, if u don’t wanna give me a token then give me a random name idc, but i have never seen a mmo game company doing this… like " i don’t like it, pay and change it, or bye bye" come on ahahahaha.

There’s no chance I am going to purchase a name change for something like this lol. Sorry you went through that brother @isodia

@Talagul Yeah that sounds rught, i bought platinum pack and already have opened on my main at that time. pretty sad, that’s why is soooo funny xD

i have the same problem with name change did anyone find a way to change the name without paying the crystals?