Warning when trying to add cards?

When I opened the founder pack and tried to add the cards it said

"Do you want to add the card to your collection? Once added, you can find it in your Card catalog (all cards exceeding the max enhancement level as well as xp cards will be converted into xp.)?

What does that mean? will these cards be wasted and converted to xp?

You can ‘level up’ cards for higher set bonuses.
If for example a set has 6 cards and there’s an 18pt required bonus, you could fulfill said bonus for example with 6x lvl 3 cards or a different combination that totals above said threshold.
To level up a card u need duplicates as well as card xp.
The process is generally, pump a card with xp untill its capped then spend your duplicates to give it the actual level. The higher the card level, the more duoplicates you need.
Cards have different max levels they can reach, indicated by the number of empty gems on them in the card ui.
If your card is already maxed you have no need for further duplicates, hence it gets transformed into card xp automatically.
There are cards that can’t be leveled, if you did get duplicates of such cards, you can’t really have more than 1 in your deck anyway so don’t worry if they got turned into xp cos it’s all you can do with them.


The cards I am referring to is the ones you get from the founder pack.

Is it safe to just add the entire stack? Or do I need to do it one at a time?

Where do you go to check the card levels and such? The game needs a manual

In the bottom right ingame, Rooster > Card Catalog > Enhance Card Tab.
The preorder card pack are all max level 1, you can add’em to your collection without fear.
Cards are untradable anyways so not much else you can do with them.
In the Books tab you can see the passive bonuses you get just for collecting them, and in the Equip tab you can select your desired 6 cards to obtain a sizeable bonus from.
Card collection’s a pretty long term goal as some of the higher end bonuses include changing your attack element and large % bonuses to various stats.