Warn/kick system feels not bueno

Im sure this matter has been brought up several times but i kinda got a bad feeling about it. I just did a cube with 3 other random peeps. 3 of us wrote basically at the same time…“why did i just get warned” it was pretty obvious who the one doing it was. He also never said anything in the entire run. We pushed on and a few rooms later we all got warned again…?

Why are people like this? We eventually ended up kicking him but tbh that didnt really feel great either. I just ended up noticing how easily the system can be abused. Im assuming he lost his cube ticked. Which doesnt make me feel super.Maybe it wasnt even him? It musta been tho…see, now i feel terrible. I dont wanna grief or cause drama lama. I suppose im just voicing a concern that the option is def there to grief. Three friends can easily kick the fourth player for no other reason than to be an ass.

Yes you can indeed always do a parry of 4 friends constantly. but how viable is that really? i have a legion of alts and i cant do all content with 3 other friends/guildies at all times. I dont think it needs to be necessary either.

I dont really have any feedback of importance or know how it can be better. i just think it should be something thats looked into. Thanks frens

I think that is the problem, for example imagine if you matchmake into something, like Cube, Guardian or whatever else, and one person stands afk at the entrance without saying any word for the entire duration of the run (extreme case)

Some people might not care and just finish it, like Boss Rush, because you can basically one shot every boss anyway with 1400+ ilvl.

In a Guardian Raid there are people who might get angry over someone afk-ing (some even warn & kick if not using battle items or using the “wrong” one)

There should be an option to remove one player who is not contributing at all, but I also have no idea how to make it not abusable. Like starting a vote and people can click Yes/No? But this is the same as warn and kick when the 3 other people agree on it.

The majority will always have the power, either to use it in “justified” cases or abuse it - but in the latter case, you can report them via Webticket (not in forums) and hope they get a penalty for abusing the system

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Yup i completely agree. I realise the option needs to be in the game, for sure it does. Ive seen my fair share of afkers. I suppose all systems good or bad can be abused in one way or another.

That was my first time actually kicking someone in all the hours ive played. I was just kinda shocked how easy it was and wanted to voice some concern. Thanks for your input!

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I’ve been playing this game for 600hrs and this has never been a problem, so I don’t think anything needs to be done about it. And as you described it, the system worked great: you had a problematic player and you booted them. I don’t see the problem…?

Hey there,

Thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry this happened! To combat this toxicity, please report players who are abusing this feature here: https://www.amazongames.com/en-us/support/lost-ark/articles/report-a-player-or-guildb

I agree with @Sophomore that it is hard to try and alter this feature so it’s not abusable.

@Kalirain Thanks for contributing to the discussion.


I think that a confirmation window would be a good addition. Include that abuse of the feature may lead to action against their account… also might be good to include some examples of its intended usage, removing griefers and AFK players for example.

There are a ton of people right now that seem to think that kicking players from guardian raids just because they didn’t bring the correct items is acceptable. Half the time they don’t even bother explaining or providing a reason they just tell everyone else in the party to kick… some of them tend to get extremely toxic over it.

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I notice that you take all the chances possible to complain about using battle items in raids and I’ve seen you in a couple of threads firmly pushing your opinion. Contribution in a raid is required by everyone, is not selective unless is a bus or a friends/static group only. Please stop it…leeching on the back of others isn’t right. The only possibility regarding which I won’t agree to an insta kick due to insufficient battle items contribution is regarding Mokoko’s (newbies), they still have to learn the game and stuff. Have a good day/night!


Battle items are not the only way to contribute :slightly_smiling_face: you should not be using the warning/kick system as a club to bully other players into playing how you want them to play.

Its one thing if they are being openly toxic or are afk or just actively throwing… if this is going to be normalized they need to add battle items as a requirement to queue into content in the first place. It might not make everyone use them but at least it would be more clear as to what is expected for new players.

though if you want a perfect quick kill don’t use random matchmaking. Create a party using the party finder where you CAN actually set rules for your teammates. Then in the event you get someone who is not following those rules it would be more than reasonable to kick them.

This is really an issue that should be addressed by SGR in the form of compensation for players who DO contribute battle items. At minimum a return on investment based on market value of mats/items used… Increased depending on how many players failed to use any items. Something to encourage players to actually use items and plan for each fight correctly.

I did not post the suggestion to have an open debate about this issue here though, as there are half a dozen threads on the topic already. If you have something you would like to add you are more than welcome to do so.

@o-o My suggestion still stands though since guardian raids are not the only place I have seen this happening. I have noticed recently an increasing number of premades going into boss rush to immediately kick their 4th player. A warning popup prior to kicking might help to deter this as well.

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Thank you for your suggestion!

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