Was fun, but I think this game wasn't targeted for me

Hello Lost Ark players,

I’ve had a lot of fun the past month and half, but after today I figured this game isn’t for me, or will ever be targeted for me.

I’ve been F2P (not by choice -_-), put in 730 hrs, probably a lot of afking, that seems like a lot, and been loving the side content, Mokoko, Stars, exploring new islands. I was focusing on side content, while I saved about 4 days worth of Guardian/Destruction stones, so maybe when I hone I can get a juicy upgrade from 1340 gs, to 1350. But about 5500 Destruction Stones fully juiced, I got 1 upgrade, and the 6800 or so Guardian stones I have, I got no upgrades, just wasted gold, and a broken heart :frowning: ← Super sad face.

But the upside to failing so much, and not seeing a realistic goal for me, to achieve 1370 gs, and unlocking current content, is that this game defiantly isn’t made for broke B----tches. Amazon wants them Rich girls, with the fancy cars, and hoop earrings.

I do enjoy the game, I just can’t get past the negative thinking, and now know I won’t get a new game Published by Amazon, both games are a mess, in my opinion. I will watch the streams, I will keep eyes on Patch notes, and for all you Lost Ark diehards, I respect you, and your hustle, keep on farming, and making the game best it can be!

Thanks for the fun content, while it lasted Smilegate. Mari, Blackfang, Sasha, and Calvasus will be forever partying in my Stronghold.


You’ve got 3 absolute whale Rapport NPCs maxed but can’t handle some honing failures?


Pretty much in the same spot. I’m still playing because I like the gameplay but with things as is, there is no way I’m putting myself through the frustration of honing. It wouldn’t be fun, even with unlimited mats. I get no joy from failing for hours and I get angry when it’s my farm being wasted.
I can’t imagine paying in this game and doing it with real money, thinking it’s your hard earned cash that’s burning right now would legit make me punch my computer screen at some point.

I’m in the same place that you are but I haven’t yet decided to quit. I have friends on the game and I don’t want to be the only one quitting but I’m not long for this game if nothing is done to fix honing or start releasing content I can do/realistically strive for.
Even that would maybe not be enough because I would still get anxiety whenever I want to progress my gear.

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Account created 2hrs ago, clickbait title → troll post.



Maybe he just created his account to post he was quitting. I’m in the exact same position and if you want to check my profile, you can check I’m real.
Why is it so hard for you guys to understand most people have trouble with the honing system and it’s why steamcharts are looking like this. Just by looking at it, you can see when the majority of the community hit 1340.



I thought the same thing. This thread seems sus.


gear progression is slow in every game and the game has been out for 2 months or something and everyone expects to hit 1370+ ez af… it takes time…

that said 730 hours and not 1370? i have less hours than u and hit 1370 today as a f2p and i’m not lucky either since my total fails are 230 and i only have 1 alt sitting at 1325.


230 are rookie numbers mate. I’m sitting at 200 at 1355 ilvl. If this trend continue, I’m going for the 400 before 1370.

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If you have trouble, this game ain’t for you.


Duh. Did you read the title of the post? Are you going to tell me grass is green next?
I love the game. I hate only the honing system. I’ve never had a single person tell me the liked the honing system.
Don’t worry buddy, I’ll quit soon enough and probably before you, that won’t be a victory for anyone tho.

In the court of public opinion, AGS intentionally delivered half a game to us in order to try and drag a few bucks out of it’s player base. It likely isn’t true, but that is how many people will remember the time they spent in LA.

It’s like getting someone to build you a driveway only halfway down the driveway they left a 4 foot wide trench. You can pay extra to fill in the trench, or you can spend a month filling the trench in yourself with a children’s beach shovel.

Personally I don’t mind the failure rates, but I really hate that it’s so soon into T3 that you get progression gated. Your set sucks, your jewelry sucks, you have limited access to anything cool and the available content is dry.

Your post was well written and I hope you enjoy the next adventure you find yourself on :smiley:


No offense. It’s always sad to loose a player. But if you don’t like something, you can always stop or invest your time in other games.

But I like the honing system, I dislike the amount of content you can do for the mats. Played BDO for years, 3% and lover was the rate there.


This is actually a really well written post and I hope you have a good life and stuff :slight_smile:

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Take care. I hope you find a game you enjoy. ff14 is good. I am not a fan of the honing system and also will probably eventually quit, but atm I am enjoying collecting collectables, doing rapport side quests, una’s tasks, etc. I have one char a little over 1340 and 5 alts I am slowly working on pushing on t2 and t3. I have fun playing with my alts as well. I don’t like the idea of a game that kinda requires my alts to fund my main though, I think that’s just poor game design. I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind spending money on outfits and pets/mount…but I won’t pay to increase my characters item level. So I guess we will see how it goes. It seems like they are throwing mats at us and even double event’s but still it’s just throwing away my silver and gold, but I will give it some more time and see where it goes from here.


Because it’s unthinkable someone would just play the game without ever bothering with the forums, and then decide to offer some feedback once they decide to move on… right?


That’s the hilarious bit of cognitive bias from the angry folks who replied so far. These guys just think that most players are registered forum users from the getgo, it’s so tone deaf and embarrassing. I don’t say cringe very often because I am a cringe lord, but yeah, the replies are really fucking cringe so far.


Hope you said bye to the other 70% of the player base that has left. 924,147 more times you need to type /bye since you’d like to be a smartarse too!

Yeah, forum account was just made, dunno how it was clickbait… Do you know what Clickbait means Wizzie?

Yeah, for real. But it is kinda dumb that your account isnt somehow linked, like any other game.

I thought it was going to be linked, signed in, and had to make a forum username.

The game isn’t necessarily a mess, the people who play the game is the mess.

My advice, quit playing games with toxic people and coming to the forums to look at what other people think and do your own thing. The more you read up on the negativity on the forums, the more you will become one. It is a wave, that will sweep you up and thrash you around until you can’t breath.