Was promised compensation - 2 months later I’ve been told that I’ll not get any

Reposting it here, as I figure it’s a better place for it than the feedback forum : Mods - Feel free to delete either if you’d like - After replying to the other. Please and thank you.

I started playing on EU Central and ended up purchasing the Lost Ark Vanquisher Starter Pack on the 14th of February.
The queues were long, and Lost Ark announced that they were opening a new region, EU West.
I created a character and enjoyed playing on the queue less server. Before committing to going west as it where, I contacted Amazon Support to check if we who’d bought the Starter Packs prior to the announcement of the new region would be compensated in a similar manner to the ones who’d gotten the Founders Packs.
The support representative from Amazon Games confirmed that we’d be compensated, even after several “are you sure” and confirmations that this was the case.
So, I kept playing on west. As of today, I believe I’ve put about 250 hours into the game on EU West.
No compensation was forthcoming, and after following up on the case 8 times over the course of 2 months, I finally got the confirmation that “No, you won’t get anything. Our representative misunderstood the information they had and misinformed you”. The administrators can’t transfer items between servers, nor can they (or are willing, I do not know) grant the Starter Pack to my account again so I could redeem it on EU West.

So, here I am, 250 hours into the game. I’ve spent money on crystals on EU West and built my account there under the assumption that I’d get something eventually. Instead I’m basically told that “We are sorry. We misinformed you. You won’t get anything. Deal with it.”
There are no offers of alternative solutions - refunds, in-game currencies etc., or any form of help being offered. All I was told was to post here, where I suspect this post will be either unnoticed, ignored and likely buried in the piles of other feedback posts.

How is this an acceptable solution to Amazon Games and Smilegate when I did my due diligence?


From what I know what has been told these packs would not get transfered… As that was the reason why so many people stayed on EU central and queue times pretty muched stayed as long as they were…

Know that these packs are not refundable and from what I’ve seen the ‘compensation’ was better rewards for the daily login… That’s about it… But that’s what I know, so I don’t whether that CS told you the exact truth of what ‘compensation’ meant

From what I wrote, I knew that packs couldn’t be transferred. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that, I contacted Amazon Games support, asked them specifically “Will we, who have bought and redeemed Starter Packs prior to the announcement of the opening of EU West get a similar compensation that the ones who bought the founders packs got”. To which I got a confirmation that “Yes, you will get compensated.”
This in turn made me switch server regions in the belief that I’d get something. Instead, two months later - I’ve gotten tossed around by the customer service team until I finally was told that “We misinformed you. We are sorry. We will do nothing about it”.
How is that acceptable, to anyone?

Well, its not… But that is pretty much what is going on for alot of people… All these branches in amazon have no clue how they interact with eachother apart from some people who invest effort into their job… Even the CM’s tell you they ensure your ban gets reviewed in depth by the moderators, yet they don’t know anything when it comes to bans… So it seems what I wrote before is pretty much what I thought it was going to be.

Some random employee having saying random stuff he/she has no clue about ending up in your loss… I bet they’ve done a ton of illegal or unfair stuff towards customers with this game… There is just no one that would go for an acual law suit…