Was the new event tested at any point?

I dont really like the idea of complaining but the new summer event feels like it was made purposefully bad. The boss kills you in 4-5 hits and is really hard to kill, the quest requires you to stay afk for 3 separate minutes; if its one whole 10 minutes i could just go do something else but no i need to sit there and watch my character to move it after 3 minutes, and worst of all the coins we get for the reward exchange are not enough. Do you expect people to do the event every day multiple times just to get the stuff in the shop? the chicken event gave people enough coins and it was at least funny.
I dont like to post on the forums but the event is really frustrating and i died less to valtan and argos combined


Yes it was tested in KR. It was bad then (with players having to wait 10 minutes each instead of 3 minutes each), and its still bad now.

But that seems to line up with AGS’s decisions of releasing all the bad stuff first to get their playerbase to less than 30k, then start selling censored skins.


have you seen the steamcharts lately?

it’s going to the ground with all these issues piling on top of each other.