Was there a region ban for HK?

Asking for a guildmate, he was playing out of HK on the NA/East server but he’s getting a region unavailable error when trying to login.

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Not sure if it’s helpful but a bunch of people have the same issue and I’m assuming not all are currently located in HK.

Sadly still waiting for Amazon support to come back to me on this.

But the “region is closed” issue has never happened to me before, until yesterday

Hello and welcome to the forums @ae-sg.

I am sorry to hear your guild-mate is having issues accessing the game. Please note the game does not support certain regions nor do we allow the use of VPN’s or Proxy redirects to play from these so if a player tries to access from an unsupported area they will likely not be able to. I am unsure what you mean by “HK” but do not see any countries with a similar acronym in our supported country list.

You may view a list of supported regions in the FAQ section of our main site:

Hope this helps. :wolf: