Was waiting long and now i find you ban israel defuq

even naraka allows me to play in eu and its a new game, so dissapointing


Well, Israel is part of Asia, not Europe nor America so I guess that you should play the asian version like we’ve been doing all this past years.

it was always allowed to play games in eu since condition zero, just in the latest years israel started to be excluded from mmo games and its really annoying (probably due to all the gaza drama) i started seeing this region issues since riders of icarus and black desert, very irritating especially since game releases for eu/us takes long to be translated anyway, i remember playing a ton lost saga eu, vindictus, mabinogi , and many more mmos, anything that sounds good i at least tried but this descrimination is really starting to piss me off especially since this game i anticipated for a long time since its lunch. btw i still play naraka dauntless and genshin impact in eu so i don’t see any reason i am being blocked here except discrimination

all politics and gaza issues, they like to push us gamers everywhere and fuck us over, like all the tale of blood and guns in games create serial killers and sh*t, it’s already sucks to live here with the tax and racism, and now my favorite hobby gets stained too, very annoying.

that why genshin impact does ton of money for an average maintenance, they have cross play and you are not being locked, btw regarding asia server i didn’t see any option to play in one or i would’ve long ago. also why i can buy new world in steam?

i bet the reply here will be something like: this is the regions allowed blablabla, but no real reasonable reply for the block, because as usual this forum is pretense to listening to customers but not solving any issues or giving actual reasonable response, go ahead close this topic, ruined my mood for the week, time to blacklist some companies.

Publishing Rights are determined by the Owner of the game (in this case Smilegate RPG), as such you would have to direct enquiries to them. Simply having an Office in a country does not allow a company, even one such as Amazon, to take someone else’s material and do whatever they like with it in that area.

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…different privacy laws. EU has stricter privacy laws and any user data has to be handled differently (reason Facebook is so upset with the EU). Countries associated with the USA have more relaxed privacy laws to help companies spy on the users and sell their information. People keep defending it and saying stuff like “WELL I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE SO LET THEM TAKE ALL MY INFO” where people in the EU tend to be a bit smarter about it.

Once the companies work out the way they will handle the data and get it approved it will be more seamless for the end-user.

Israel being a part of Asia is probably one of the most stupid comments imaginable :slight_smile:

why you talking about NSO here, smart people understand that they have nothing is very logical, the criminals is the ones who manipulating the simple minds to protect their privacy to keep stealing money, a perfect example is the whole vaccine situation where you got a half baked solution which doesn’t work but shifted the simple minded to blame the unvaccinated instead after getting a majority of vaccinated people by praying on their weakness for freedom from the virus and lockdown