Wasn't there supposed to be some type of pvp rebalancing?

Tell me the elgacia patch isn’t their idea of a rebalancing because that basically did nothing, if not almost nothing to anything pvp related other than taking 35% efficiency on DR only from sup.
Ok cool.
How’s that going to fix the issue of double sup vs no sup teams?

What about the issue of bronze players being able to place in the same game as a masters?

Ok, what about the fact that there are clearly overperforming classes that are overtuned no
matter how you look at it? Tell me why a gunslinger needs 4 super armors in his kit, or why a deathblade can surge crit you for 60k WHILE having super armour.

TL;Dr we were promised some balancing changes this year and I hope the elgacia patch isn’t the only thing on the way.

can you share your evidence, ? i mean , we dont have the elgacia patch, and i not able to read Korean. So if you can show us, how in Korea now the new patch works it would be great

You can literally watch korean pvp. Im a bard, 35% nerf to DR isnt going to do shit. Classes are still broken and Smilegate only nerfed DR. Paly is still going to be stupid and deathblades will still do stupid damage.

i know what you mean, but why is he talking about a patch which isnt life on NA/EU and why hes crying about that Korean patch on this forum ?

Oh, probably cause he just expected more from Smilegate in terms of pvp. But I just have no expectations of Smilegate. But honestly even GMs were expecting more in terms of pvp in this balance patch :confused:

I dont think KR devs in SG know anything about balance both in PVP and PVE. What they are doing is to maintain status quo instead of getting things even for every class. Maybe they are just too arrogant to admit their original design was mistaken, or fear to hurt some classes with huge whales. In a word, they don’t AIM to balance classes however their words would be.
And that is what I see for most KR games. Not trying to be racist but maybe it’s their culture: make things unbalanced, and take advantage of it.

PvP Doesn’t need a single class balance patch, that will most likely never happen.

What you need as a Bard is being able to queue with people that play around you.

Speaking from a ranked pvp perspective, Bards are the most hurt classe to queue in a solo queue, it’s like a lottery.