Wasted time playing lost ark 2000 hours

Lost ark is a cool and fun game.

While it has history and content to play, then it turns into any game and is monotonous where you spend a week farming and there is no progression. The up[grade] system is not what killed the game, but the lack of control and capitalism of the game’s owners.
They let the game have so many bot accounts that you can’t find real people, outside who destroyed the game’s (mecanics) own system to host these bots
If that’s not bad enough, there’s a prejudice between servers like “kazeros, agaton and arcturus”.
They don’t accept people from other servers in raid, I don’t know why?
Maybe they only accept the bots themselves or just the famous P2W making it kill the game even more.

it’s no use creating a post saying that there are 100k players online and asking new players to play will only make people waste time and spend money for nothing



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Yes. P2W games are joyless in the grand scheme. Go play osrs/rs3 ironman.

After 2000hr u say its wasted when most 3A game dont even last more then 100hr :rofl:


Send me your gold thx

not with like with a person who has already been banned even more times

So you played FREE 2000 hour with a game. You had your fun for 2000 hour(!) and now you are saying, you wasted your time with 2000 hour fun.

You buy AAA games for 70-80$ and after ~10-20 hour its finished but 2000 hour of fun for FREE is time waste.

Thats some next level stupidity.


Please use full stops. See my edit which makes your text readable.

But you had, otherwise you wouldn’t have played 2k hours genius. Stop shit talking the game if you liked it for so long

There are really great points in my text, it must be that there are people who can’t read and just say “blabla shit”.
I think you didn’t read it right, no fanboy plx.


dont forget to delete ur forum account when u quit


Great points? You are joking. I play with real people every day without issue, have over 60 active people in my guild, doing every late game content possible and having fun with all the friends in discord. Why don’t you do that? Because you are an unsocial ass true

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Someone couldnt beat the tower…

If you had spent 2,000 hours grinding a minimum wage job in California rather than grinding a virtual job in Lost Ark, you’d have $28,000.

that’s because you get to experience everything in the game in 100 hours, probably even 20 or 10.
this is a f2p mmo, it is designed to have no end, you can play 10k hours and still have something to upgrade or finish, or spend 10k$ and still have lots to do lol

and spend it on lost ark to get to 1500 lol

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you look like the very popular prom king telling your mom you have a lot of friends on a friday night locked in your depressed room my earning hours are your spending hours in the little game. haha

i am sorry i dont understand your problem, you wasted your time because there are bots or because there are paying players?

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if you played 2000 hours, then this game cant be that bad?