Wasted time playing lost ark 2000 hours

it’s like all the other f2p mobile games, you have hardcore players that spend half their day playing the game then a year later realize someone with a couple of thousands can have their progress in a couple of hours of pressing speed up, even you’re a small spender it still feels the same.

like you had fun yes, but you feel like everything you ever did was shat on and regret spending so much time on the game even if you had fun playing it

you are a player who spends all your mother’s money in the game or bot so as not to go after all the game content and you are only worried about ilv.

lol I didn’t say all my time was wasted, clearly the problem is there but you just look at the time.
the same if the game free craft items is all very shut up :stuck_out_tongue: as I said the game and the situation addressed that is the problem, have you ever wondered why only in NA and SA do games die?.

And I just wasted 10s reading this pointless thread .-.

yes i play RPG for years and never like what this my stability with this game is absurd

You know they prune the amount of bot accounts in comparison to 1 month ago. You should look at OSRS they been pruning it everyday and every time. They will always come back that’s the downside having a F2P game. The problem with bots are because of players themselves. Although it is the game company job to find ways to prune them, but to completely get rid of them is impossible.
Also prejudice? I dont think i see any of that in my NA East server. I am able to get into groups etc. That might be ur South American thing. I dunno. I have never heard of any of that. Also if you dont like what they are doing make ur own raid group. Their raid group, their rules end of story.

dont blame lost ark blame amazon ark :smiley:

lost ark ist a great game amazon ark is a 5€ copy with more p2w and paywall :smiley:
wish we could play lost ark kr without high ping :confused:

It’s true @Ryouma you are a good person understood the real reason for the post.
maybe the issue of prejudice between servers is only SA, I wouldn’t like to recreate an account in NA in the game situation but who knows in the future on KR if possible.

I mean that’s how i feel too. I lot of shit need fixing and improving. Everyone wanted the game to be like Korea. We keep getting like a downgraded version of the game incomparison to other version. Everyone has been asking for a lot of improvements, but Lost Ark West is basically the abandoned child of SG.
@pvsamp Maybe in the future we get region transfer, but not sure about that. I only think we gonna get server transfer at best not sure. However, i wish they start merging servers and do manual server transfers. It is pathetic that they are thinking of waiting on SG to create that feature of who knows HOW LONG that will happen. A MANUAL server transfer need to happen just like RU.

yes it helps a lot, but these changes are coming for those who survive this year inside the game.

lol? you played a free game/have recorded 2000, 2k 2 whole thousand hours.

like omg waste of time, just played for 2k hours tho