Watch out Premium Ark Pass people

The weapon is not bond to roster. It’s bond upon pickup. I learn it the hard way. Now I got a useless item I don’t want.

They’re fixing it next week.


is this confirmed ? I just did the same thing as the other guy and got pretty pissed off, since its written “all rewards are roster bound” on the pass

Ya Roxx posted about it, should be in the dev tracker history on mobile so cant find it ATM.

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Here Roxx said it.

I just looked at the rewards, yes only the weapon skin chest is “binds when obtained” others are “bound to roster on pickup”

confirmed it is being fixed.

cool, thank you guys :smiley:

This happened to me too, so sad with no way to fix, really wanted that weapon for a later character too as i already had it on the char that picked it up, all i could do was choose the 2nd color, at this point not sure what a fix will do since i opened the box.

There’s no such fix…

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