Watching these poor decisions unfold over and over is hurting the game

I don’t yet I feel bad for the people who were using VPNs to play with friends. Some people use it to even help with ping.

class names are fine. i prefer all the current ones over KR direct translations. also what a wall of text to absolutely say nothing of importance

Most changes to the game and decisions about the game were implemented by Smilegate themselves. That being said alot of things are questionable. I do think they have made some good QoL for F2P players, but some of the decision making seems pretty rocky. Not sure how many devs in KR are in charge of our regions content, etc but there seems to be something were just not feeling seeing in plain view.

They have had so much opportunity to make money, release skins, release classes soon, create better player retention, etc. I cannot fathom that localization is the only contributing factor here. There is just something limiting pushing content into our region. Im not saying blast us with too much, but I mean… throw us a bone here.


Okay, I’ll bite. Why is the martial artist with the second longest range (after the glorified taoist wizard known as the soulfist) an “infighter”? Scrapper isn’t a great name but it at least kind of reflects their fighting style to some degree, whereas infighter is pure verbal irony.

I’ll give you glaivier at least.

EDIT: That said, “Brawler” would’ve been a much better name than either and is a pretty common class name in NA so I have no idea why they didn’t use that instead.

The point is it’s the original name not some made up one. I’m not saying infighter is perfect but it is much better than scrapper. Many people have voiced that. Changing so much in general is just a bad decision they feel so adamant towards.

  1. Separating AGS from Smilegate is likely just a PR move to save face for Amazon.
  2. Smilegate has a successful game in KR, and they don’t seem to care much for the western version.
  3. “Waiting to see how players interact with content” is just a way of saying “we want to make money without doing much.”
  4. Releasing Argos too soon wasn’t an issue of too much content too fast, it was that the content DIRECTLY LEADING to Argos was sparse, making whaling that much more efficient. Whaling will always be faster, but it was night and day. LA released with LOTS of content, so the argument of FOMO being the problem gives Smilegate an easy out.
  5. They can’t even release 1 class a month. March gets nothing.
  6. Continuing to release melee DPS despite the support shortage.

Their CMs don’t even seem to have a direct line to the developers. I have nothing against them as it is not in their control, but they seem more like “friend of a friend” to someone who works at smilegate than employees who get told things. “I would expect” is fair to say, but the more I’ve thought about it, the less it sounds like actual information and more like guessing.

We go back to point #2 with this one.

  1. I used to have faith they were genuinely trying to get rid of bots, but with everything else said in my post, I no longer do.

I haven’t played since last Wednesday…and to be honest, I’m having withdrawals, but I haven’t turned the game back on. I want to play, but it’s become more and more apparent to me that they simply aren’t interested in simply making the game as good as it can be.

This is all speculation on my part, and am fine with being called a crybaby, but the one thing that shows a blatant lack of respect for players is the withholding of classes. Artist, Scouter, Summoner, etc…

I’m fighting against coming back, and the lack of actual info and effort I see being put forward by Smilegate is the only thing making it possible.

Sigh. Back to not posting again. This post built up over 3 days of not playing…


Well yeah, that’s how these kinds of organizations are structured. CMs gather feedback from players, send that feedback to people whose jobs it is to communicate with smilegate, who receives that feedback through people whose jobs it is to communicate with amazon, who then send that feedback to project leads to decide what to do or respond with an answer, which would then go through that pipeline in reverse. Directors have too much on their plate to keep people like Roxx on speed dial, and CMs have to deal with like 5 different channels of communication while also organizing community events like twitch drops et. al.

And on top of all of that, keep in mind that they’re separated by an 8 hour timegap meaning every single communication pretty much takes a day. Hence why they flew Goldriver and friends into the US to hash out a post-Argos plan.

I mean the game has been out how long? And it’s been similar the entire time.

Their version of this system doesn’t work far as I can see. That’s my point. Other companies may be similar, but you can only justify it so much.

My guess is we’ll get one “older” and one “original” class next roadmap.

My bet is Scouter + either summoner or arcana.

Scouter and Summoner would win a lot of people over. I want Artist, but have pretty much no hope anymore.


Yeah I think Scouter, Summoner would be the safest bet.

And yeah, after Roxx’ comment, Artist sounds like September or something to me.

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And I cannot use the Super Express event at all :slight_smile:

While other people get to enjoy this event, my account is completely locked out from it, yes, sooo much fun!!!

That was sarcasm, this game actually sucks, I have no idea what the difficulty is in simply enabling the Super Express for me

I stopped playing immediately after seeing that post. I’ve been gone for 3 days and have had no intention of coming back…but after getting withdrawals and realizing WoW’s expansion is a long ways off, I don’t know if I can do it.

One thing is clear, investing more money into LA is a no-go with how they are currently doing things. It seems to me that they care less about the game being complete than how long they can milk it for.

Not like simple engagement metrics matter much with all the bots, either.

I’m super sour about how the devs are treating the game…but it’s still really fun to play mechanically; so much so that FF14 is less enjoyable for me now. I’ve never been this conflicted over a game before, and it sucks. I quit more games due to dev decisions than actual gameplay, which is kinda weird, but it’s how I am.

But I digress…I think they may end up doing 1 popular and 1 unpopular in each roadmap, so both of them – while it would make the most people happy (probably?) – are unlikely to be in the same one.

Was gonna give an example, but I can’t find the poll, and I dno what’s unpopular.


Are we all discovering today that AGS is incompetent ? I thought it was public knowledge already…

For the rest, they are milking the whales and it is working fine as far as i see.

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a bunch ? You are being nice here.

Just wanted to chime in that I gave that some thought too. I don’t think calling it guessing is entirely fair. I think it might be more fair to say educated guessing. I know that seems nit-picky but I don’t think Roxx is making this comment blindly.

I am sure she has heard an overall blueprint for the planned release with everything being tentative and subject to change as needed. I am also reasonably sure that she continues to hear updates on those future plans and likely in every one of them, the discussion regarding Artist is she has least priority. So until the next phase of each planned update is nailed down, everything continues to be tentative. So tentatively Artist is scheduled last in our class rollout, which is why she said “(while this could change)”.

So I don’t think Roxx is blindly guessing, and there are better than average odds that what she said there is correct, but she gave herself some wiggle room because nothing in their content update schedule is officially nailed down until it’s ready to be added.

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What do you mean hurting the game? Amazon has made the game better

I actually agree with your take, even if it’s nit-picky. That said, I’d really wish they’d get a more concrete answer from the dev team.

That’s not likely though, as even they may not know and there are so many things to potentially communicate. My primary complaint likely stems more from the devs not giving better information to the CMs…but then again, I am also being nitpicky here.

half this shit is subjective. Should have been called “I’m not getting my way and I’m upset” world doesn’t revolve around u dude

Every issue is subjective, because not everyone cares about the same content. Your post here seems irrelevant to the topic to me.