Water Pop Arena Video thoughts?

Thank you AGS for allowing me to relive my childhood memories of watching ads on Nickelodeon during the summer /s. Rated M for mature btw.

I honestly don’t know if this is an improvement over their previous “attempts” to market this game or not.

Had to mute it. Apparently AGS thinks we’re all 12 years old. I appreciate the enthusiasm i guess.


Yeah had to mute it too, i dont like this kind of “hype voice”, it kinda ruined my hype lmao xD
Im 26 not 6 i dont need that kind of thing bleeding my ears anymore :x

The trailer itself was fine, heck some music and text would be better than that kind of voice ad in the video.

I hope the skins displayed in the trailer isn’t actually in the patch so I can see more entertaining threads created on the forums.

Username checks out.

I think it looked fun and very soulful

people always asking for more marketing, they do it, and people complain about it, close these forums and close lost ark, the western player base doesnt deserve this game

That’s just your preferences on how things are communicated. I’m 29 and actually liked it, voice included. Though I was waiting for the cars coming and the hotwheels logo.

It felt nice seeing, for once, an event video and the hype voice made it look like they are actually trying to, no pun intended, hype their events as requested by a lot.

Props to them, hype voice for summer fits and usually these voice tones are good when it comes to pvp activities. Hopefully fhe announcer varies depending on the event style and season, it would be great.

Well it was admittedly their best attempt at actually advertising something so kudos to that xD