We’ll, that’s it for me. Not waiting 6 + months playing alts waiting for my main class

What a huge waste of time this has been. One class every two months? Seriously, that is absolutely insane to ask people to keep playing a game that won’t catch up in available classes to what is available in other regions until next year at the earliest?

Why would we keep grinding materials and stashing them for our main class if there’s no release in sight for it. My kids have a better chance of playing the full game than I do lol.


Its just beyond me why they dont just release all classes from the start the classes are in the game working fine in korea there is almost no extra work needed to have them other then maybe some translation especially since this game makes it so god fking hard to switch your main once the class u actually want comes out its almost impossible to get it into the endgame

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Because money :smiley:

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Yeah, terrible decision. Classes bring in different variety of players. They just lost a lot of their player base. If they’re anything like me, I want to stay caught up with the front running guilds and players. That’s impossible if you have to catch up 6+ months afterwards. Not to mention I’m losing out on 6 months of content to do on my character that I’m not going to want to backtrack and do once it’s irrelevant.

I think I’m done playing LA. AGS’ decision to stick to one class every two months is something I just fundamentally disagree with.

The class you play is the MOST important factor in this game. It is the primary driver of your in-game experience. It is your Avatar and for many people dictates their level of enjoyment in the game!

Classes should not be treated the same as content in this context. On KR/RU with the EXACT same content we have now (Valtan) there were more classes available for them to choose between.

We all get that NA/EU release is unique, however, using classes as a retention mechanism is just crappy management design and just shows AGS misplaced priorities when it comes to Lost Ark. Which is Metrics >>>>>>>> Player Enjoyment

Personally, any company that has that sort of metric priority mindset has already lost the plot and is likely going to drive this game into the dirt.

This is a great game, but I have zero motivation to wait and then go through old content/pay for some catch-up mechanic to boost my desired class when it finally comes.


they mostly give out powerpass when releasing a class

if youre going through old content or need to pay for it because you used the powerpass because you just want more alts to feed your main like the glaivier destroyer powerpass case

then that says a lot about you

but still
they still have given you 2 more vern powerpass, the rest just require gold, like even f2p players have gold to pay for it, right? :smile: