We all know there won't be any meaningful patch tomorrow

Most likely minor bug fixes like ‘now area chat is working properly’

That’s correct. Weekly maintenance is just that, it’s not an update patch. If you have any great expectations, curb them now.


Ye; any weekly normal update is destined for minor fixes.

Why would we get a meaningful patch tomorrow?

thanks for stating the obvious.

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Hope they also fix the bug make the item stuck to the cursor, its really annoying

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Yes, it’s beyond simply annoying. This prevents you from playing the game for a period of time as you’re unable to use many ui elements and need to relog(or swap characters) to fix the issue.

And why we need a clown opening a thread about the “normal” patch ?

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A really good question. It seems the OP was the only wondering

we all know you gotta eat food to survive

And drink water