We already have a way of combating bots tho


Yes, I am serious. We do a captcha every entrance to Chaos, GR, and different zones. Will it be annoying for the players? sure. Will it make the botters more difficult to operate? definitely.

Now, if botting occurs with only the zerker class, just apply capchas to zerkers only LOL.

This is meant to be a joke post, but at this point something has to be done to the bots w/o screwing it up for the entire player base, just zerkers is fine obviously.

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Idk, having a captcha everytime i do a Chaos, a guardian raid, or change Zone makes me rather have bots tbh

Like if I have 6 characters thats already 6x2 12 Captcha for Chaos
and bifrost for unas so thats like 6x3 18 captcha
thats already 30 Captcha

Id rather just have SMS verification or something

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