We are not koreans, Do not base your patch notes in our server from the korean economy

So here is the thing. why are we(na/eu) getting our patch notes based on the korean server economy. Yes I am talking about the oreha hard gold nerf at 1415. Those players there have been playing for so long that they can even but smilegate with all the gold they hoarded/can generate with their army of alts. Us no the other hand only have a measly roster of mid t3 characters who cant even generate sht to keep up with the content release.

You know how people in the west cried over silver when they just hit 1370? and you know how people in korea are just taking silver for granted. I think I saw saintone throw a stack of 9999 chaos awakening shards like its nothing. That is our current situation here. Now translate that silver to gold. People in the west are lacking gold. KR on the other hand arent. Why are you impelementing a gold nerf on a region basing your decision on another region. You are remaking the silver tragedy again

More people will turn to the darkside aka rmters just to keep up with the content and solve the western FOMO mentality


Everyone better hope they nerfed the guild activity rewards or whales are gonna make a fortune while regular players get scraps or nothing.


Ok . What would you do if get the balance patch after we make a full relic build ? what is good? getting the patch before we make it or after u spent ur all pheons and golds ?



Not a gold nerf if you get so much more from Valtan.
And don’t tell me you got to 1415 with no Valtan in mind…


I am 1445 now with 5 alts waiting to be pushed to 1415. Losing the oreha hard from those alts means i will lose 10k gold per week because amazon is asuming that the na/eu gold market is inflated already when in fact we have a scarcity of it.

Also hey ilovewater I missed you on the other thread with your monkey bs about gold generation when you cant even give me statistics of your gold gain.


Aww that’s too bad. Sucks for you.


Would not be making more gold from those alts doing Valtan? I’m so lost here lol


sucks for me? tell that to the casual horde when they hit 1415. Oreha hard gold nerf comes after vykas release not with valtan. 2k gold is still a lot. With how the current releases we are getting we are only limited to do 2 legion raids per week

Lose? You’re gonna get more gold from Valtan NM than you are losing from Oreha HM


you guys are stressing to much valtan gives more than both abyss hms so you’ll just be switching alt from one content to the other

Let me remind you that you will spend more time and CONSUMABLES DOING VALTAN. now tell me how is that better than oreha hard mode. plus it should be removed in vykass not valtan

you mean all those consumables that we have been given for free


Let me remind you, you would’ve and will be getting consumables during fever time for free

You can also spend some time to make those consumeables yourself.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

I hope I don’t see you in any of the raids because people who are cheap with consumables makes me sick


You mean the consumables they gave you for free? Those consumables that you spent $0 or gold on? Those same ones?


Pretty sure Valtan Normal already gives twice the gold that Hard Oreha does. Or at least 50% more. You’re literally basically choosing between doing Hard Oreha or doing Valtan weekly.

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They will get blacklisted. If ppl don’t break Valtan’s armor from the jump, instant disband

If you are running with a group then consumables doesnt matter. But if you are with pugs. GL to you.

I’ve seen countless people in Yoho - or any raids, they don’t use potions and end up using 2~3 of the ressurections… it’s quite tilting and discouraging tbh.

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Alts drains pots like crazy. other consumables like bombs and flares and pheros then yeah we have tons but HP pots is the pain