We are unable to provide you with access from your current location 10010 server authentication failed

played all day yesterday until 4 pm EST doing dailies on my 7 t3 characters and vibing. took a 5 hour nap and upon waking up launched the game to this neat message greeting me instead of the usual server list. bruh how do i fix this and why did nothing change but now my game is bugged wth


Where are you connecting from?

Heya, what country are you playing from? By what I’ve read today a lot of accounts have been banned again (doubt you got banned) and some people got problems connecting because of their location.

I went to bed at the same time as you, around 4pm. Getting up from bed was met with restrictions, and I was in the United States.

This seems like another issue, might want to contact support in your case.

Same thing with me. Im in the US with solid internet. Played the other day and now myself and many others cant log in.

My friend in Toronto’s facing the same issue, but he’s not complaining as he says “a break at last”

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relatable xD

i did , but u know is not working.

Do you guys have static IPs from your ISP or dynamic?

My IP is dynamic

im having the same issue as well

north america east, i live in the region i am attempting to connect to.

same issue here. never used VPN 1650 hours spent. frustrating to see this happen

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Yeah it would be nice if they at least acknowledged they are looking into it when they are posting elsewhere on social media and the forums.

fml i live right across the lake in NY

i got this problem too, and my friend said its an IP banned

Well then they made a mistake with the ban because myself and from what it sounds like, many of these other players have done nothing.

and i just contact the LIVE-Chat support and he said we can do nothing now . Just posting in forum for Dev team. And i feel like WT… happen here. I played 1600+ hours and never using VPN and they banned me

maybe some random ban player with 1500+ played hours. Maybe they think high played hours people are bot