We are unable to provide you with access from your current location 10010 server authentication failed

I would suggest posting on Steam Discussion board and Review as well. The game’s performance will directly affect how they manage this game.

If these kind of issues doesn’t sit well with you, then make it known.

Hello, I have this problem for about a month now, but I found a solution using the program Cloudflare, but this method stopped working yesterday and now I don`t know what to do

About played hours I can say that I have only 360 hours in game

Im on with live support now and the girls is saying this has been an issue since two patches ago. She told me what the other moderator said in the other chat and now she is telling me to flush my DNS of my IP which I have no clue how to do.

Disconect your router and put the internet cable in the computer directly… then try to log in… and before putting router back remove the power cable for 20s…

google it, although that wouldn’t solve the issue as I’ve already went and done it.

I tried everything and flush dns and so on nothing helps

Check my post bellow yours

If my previous solution dont work, contsct your internet provider and ask them yo reset your isp

Same problem. Go to Settings on your PC and check Internet > VPN Settings. Cloudfare and other programs that previously helped performance created a VPN on my PC that I didn’t even know was active and that’s what got me banned. I turned them off and submitted an appeal.

Сonnected directly to the cable, it wrote to me that there is no Internet (

Now this comment just seems funnier, guess op u are a bot lmao

Thsts weird try right klicking the internet icon with the cable bdirectly in the computer and run the troubleshoot thing. As long as as you can get intetnet without the router you should be able to log in…

They do not understand that this caused problems for ordinary players

Amazon is an indie company, it takes time for em to grow

Its tough because im in an apartment complex and we can use our on modems and ISP

Oh ok unplug modem and router from power for 20-30s then try again…

sorry i meant we cant* use our own modems and ISP

Do have a jack in the wall then a cable directly to your computer? Or using a router?

just using the router. However it has no buttons on it. I think only my apt. complex can reset or at least they have to call the ISP.