We aren't here to change the core game

Our goal for feedback isn’t to change the core game, the game is the game. Now if things inside of the core game are under-tuned or broken, then we provide feedback to have them buffed or fixed. Honing isn’t going anywhere, guardian raids aren’t going anywhere, chaos dungeons aren’t going anywhere, daily content is here to stay, weekly content is here to stay. Now if these forms of content in the base game are giving less than we feel they should, then we ask for them to be buffed. Asking to have some of these things removed from a daily lockout, or removed completely is just not the feedback we should be giving. The game is the game. If you have a problem with the core game, then stop playing.

I would like to say this: Honing rates for t3 are fine. T1-T2 should be 100% with cost reductions to bring more people into t3. With more people in t3, that means more materials generated and sold, which means cheaper priced materials for more attempts at honing.
I am a 99% f2p player (bronze founder pack), i am 1385 on the main, i have multiple alts in t3. People are catching up to me after this weeks injection of materials EVEN THO i have 650 hours in the game. DON’T WORRY, YOU WON’T MISS ANYTHING! Just play the game, have fun, and learn stuff :slight_smile:

<3 thank you for reading


Change the core game. We want Diablo style loot, not crafters and not limited farming per day!

I thought this game was gonna be like barbies dreamhouse adventures…can we please make it more like that ty

if not, i will quit and u will of lost a loyal customer and income of money!

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Hours reflected doesnt really amount to how much personal progress you make in this game.
Because really, the game isnt meant to be played all day and as such have like 90-120mins of content to do on average daily.

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Can we pls make this more like lego batman? so my 3 yr old kid can play it
thanks Smilegate

If all you care about is raising item level, then yes.

I mean Im not really talking in terms of all horizontal progression within the game. Im merely speaking from a purely acquiring materials, dailies, weeklies angle.

Personally I would like to see the game revert to 1.0 pong. This is too complicated for me.

Bring back Acrasium