We can't have both low enhancing rates and time gated materials

This is the main reason why the game currently feels so awful to enhance your gear. In BDO the enhancement rates were similar if not worse, but you could continuously grind for the items you needed to enhance so it balanced that out. In Lost Ark we have time gated material gains locked behind dailies. This forces two things spending real life money in excess or alting / to do dallies excessively. These are both horrible for the consumer, being forced to play daily or having to forgo money is not consumer friendly. How many years of MMO data does it take to show that western audiences HATE dallies and time gated content. I was OK with them on RU, JP, and KR due to the increased rates and materials, but currently right now the game just feels awful.

Sure there is plenty of horizontal progression, but not seeing your character progress vertically aside from skillpoints for a whole week just feels awful.

I know this topic has been going on time and time again, but most are not even to the horrible rates of 1400+ yet it is clear people already are burned out. As great as the gameplay is it will not hold much of a western audience for much longer.

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Black Dessert - Not free to play

Lost Ark - Free to play

Differences in the mechanics are explained in 3 words.

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Don’t want to be that guy, but if you already feel awful after just one week without progression, this really isn’t the game for you.
Im quite happy with slower progress. Man Im almost feeling overwhelmed just because we have two different events running. :rofl:


Are you really comparing Lost Ark honing to a game that has a chance to downgrade or even destroys the thing you are honing? Lol


Black desert online is 10 dollars. It’s a bit disingenuous to justify LA because of 10 dollars.

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I feel you. The few things in the game that are really really fun to do (chaos dungeon, guardian raid and abyssal dungeon) are all time-gated which for me is still hard to grasp. I would like to spend more time in the game but the content per char is limited to around 1 hour per day (and this even does not feel rewarding after all). It often feels more like working then playing a game.


These sorts of threads are extremely confusing for me - Lost Ark was ALWAYS advertised as a Korean Grindfest MMO and was never pretending to be anything but that, yet people are complaining at the very first hurdle.

If you can’t handle the slower grindier nature of the game it’s probably best to just move on to a different game.

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It consistently goes on sale for 2.50 almost monthly.

I have played plenty of grindy MMO’s the difference between not progressing for a week in this game vs others is I have a finite amount of chances to even try and progress. That is NOT fun.

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I am technically complaining about not being able to continuously grind because of the timed lock outs. It made sense to go on alts and level them out in other regions, but because of our slow rates it just isn’t even worth it. They can’t do both low rates and gated grind. One or the other like all other KR MMO’s. Time gating is stupid.


@Zaerick What do you mean we cant? We have them :smiley:

Not without severly dominished rate of return…

every time i see a post about honing rates and materials, i just think of when I watched a K streamer try to hone at .6%

if u dont like how it is now, its only gonna get worse (harder), so move on to a different game

Yet both games use the same style progression system for their upgrades.

His point is that Lost Ark doesn’t respect your time at all, the game by design spoon feeds you materials and limits you from progressing unless you are willing to spend cash.

If you think Lost Ark is anything more then an overpriced Cell Phone game, you are fooling yourself.

Imagine thinking that 10% rates or so are low…no they are definitly not. as long as you don’t go into the 0.X percentages, everything is fine.

going from 23-24 on your weapon in 1.5% with FULL upgrade boosts.

I know what this games END GAME looks like in Korea and RU… I have seen their numbers on screen…

Your average NA player will quit WAY before they hit that.

What is this mysterious Western MMO that doesn’t have time gating and dailies?


You do know you could grind
Chaos for more mats if your really complaining about not enough grinding for mats.

Cant wait for these days tbh

Really? you compare lost ark honing with bdo where the item grade goes down or even breaks if you fail?? Wow if you prefer that, lost ark is really not for you At least BDO has artisans energy that allows you upgrade eventually even if you have bad luck and fail multiple times in a row. That was such a bad comparison. And please don’t generalize and say something like western doesnt like daillies so get rid of that