We can't release new Skins

…want to share with players why speeding this up can be tricky. Existing skins in the Korean version were released before some classes, requiring art and development time to rig models with skins for newer classes and the special weapons that accompany them. In fact, some of this work for newer classes still needs to be done.

While we are releasing skins at a faster rate than they originally came out in Korea, we understand we do not have the broad library of skins to select from like some of the other regions currently do. While we would like to release skins that can be used by players using all classes, we will continue gathering feedback from our players.

I don’t get it.
All the skins are already in the database fully rigged + Their arguments make no sense to me.

What work is there that still needs to be done ?
Censoring the already existing skins…?
I mean… that would make at least sense.


This is actually not the case. Yes, the skins exist in the files for some classes, but not for all classes. Skins are not simple overlays…most of them are full on models that replace the bass model, as such they need to be set up with each classes animations in order to work properly. Personally, I don’t think it should take that long…proper dev tools would allow them to just copy and paste the animations to the new model, but still…there is technically work that needs to be done to make skins compatible with all classes.

And for some of them, like the Omen set, they have to actually design and model the skin for any class they want to add it to, because it’s not the exact same design for every single class. The animal skins on the other hand…they can make one body, attach all classes animations to the same model and be done with it, because it looks the same on everyone. This is NOT the case for other skin designs.


no one wants to look the same so this censor shit is dumb just release the unique skins of all the classes dont need omen 2.0

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I basically took it as “we have to create them from scratch to censor them and they take significant time”

ya now they just dont say anything last dev reply was 23 hours ago imagine working and not doing ur job for a day must be nice unless they get days off? idk man idk

Mostly it is waiting for feedback to see how westerners react to the increased release speed of skins. :upside_down_face:

From the time it takes them to enable skins that are already inside our game, imagine how much time it would take them to work hand in hand with Smilegate’s teams modelling skins for each class as they release them …

I don’t want to speak for everyone but seeing other classes get skins that can’t be used by one of my toon isn’t that big of a deal to me (it incentivize to make alts, that’s great ! ) i’d rather get diversity over some odd and useless guideline that sound just like an excuse for gatekeeping content.

I’m just quoting my own topic about this hoping that this one gets traction and ags see how stupid this is


There already are some class exclusive skins, but not for all classes. And thats fine. So keep putting them out, rather than keeping half of the classes in the dry

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This is exactly why you don’t get it.

You think and believed AGS have everything at demand and frankly, maybe they do, maybe they don’t

You don’t work at AGS and at the appropriate team you can’t just assume they have the resources based on what? Nothing. Your assumptions. Assumptions

It’s like going to a Subway near you and they are out of meatballs and posted a sign and made a funny tweet about meatballs stating “we ran out of meatballs to sunk our subs”…

Then you come along and try to order a meatball sub at the store and was told meatballs are out and you behaved like OMG Subway out of meatballs what the actual fuck?! Isn’t Subway supposedly have EVERY INGRIDIENTS READY AT DEMAND?? What a shitty store!

EDIT: Have you thought of the possibility that the game studio is withholding the data? It’s not impossible.

Then why does korea have them already if it’s not the case.

It’s not about AGS having everything at demand.
It’s about the questionable reasons why skins that are already available since a long time in other versions of the game, are not in included in our version.
Not even a fraction of them.

From an economic perspective it makes zero sense not to provide attractive offers for the customers in the cash shop during launch and the weeks after the release.
And Skins are one, if not the most attractive item in cashshops in mmo’s.

If you look at those player numbers, it becomes even more clear what an huge buisness opportunity was missed, even more if you keep in mind that this development was predictable before the start.
And you are telling me it’s because they want to withhold skins and don’t want to release skins that are not available to all classes, which our version lacks more than 10 anyway ?
That makes absolutly no sense.


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so what happens to the anniversary skins they all unique do we have to wait till they get changed but that will also remove their uniqueness ? the classes all have alot of skins ready were are on january 2022 version of the client of kr so almost up to date makes no sense to lie about skins needed riggs bla they just dont want to release them nice skins cause to much skin

i bet we also wont get anni skins for free like in all other versions maybe even takes alot of years to get them even

Economics 101

Which Method Below Will Generate The Most Revenue From Skins & Cosmetics?

(A) Release all skins & cosmetics all at once at the start to generate $250,000 in first month and a steady declining to a stabilized revenue of $25,000/mo

(B) Release skins & cosmetics one or several at a time for a monthly revenue of $50,000 with once in a while spike reaching $75,000/mo

(C) Delay release skins & cosmetics at all and wait until end of the year and generate an annual revenue in a single month of sale for $105,000

(D) Don’t release all skins & cosmetics and turn off boobs

The Answer is (B) duh

IMO obviously I prefer all the skins comes asap but it is what it is and every entity that do business in a capitalistic market will choose the long run choice.

long run choice fucks ya up to i wouldve wanted 1.3m people buying multiple sets( dont need to release all outfits jsut some good ones for each class) than now 350k buying maybe 1 per month u wouldve made in 1 month more with the high players base than with the monthly release of censored outfits and less players

there are newer skins that exist for all current classes so yeah, it makes no sense to not release those skins. It also makes no sense to not release all the classes at launch, they have access to everything in the kr ver. there’s no good excuse for it. It likely is a matter of censoring because that’s the only “reasonable” explanation